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Meeting customer expectations

Customer’s expect their financial suppliers to deliver technology to help manage their finances and achieve better financial outcomes.

moneyinfo enterprise has the components you need to enhance your digital customer proposition with account aggregation, net worth, personal finance management, document sharing, event calendar, automated and secure communications, financial nudges, robo-advice tools and GDPR compliance.


The financial marketplace

Providers, retail and private banks as well as asset managers are looking to understand their customers spending habits and lifestyles in greater depth than they have ever done before.

PSD2 puts customers in control of their data and those firms with access to the consolidated view can use it to help improve their marketing, communications, underwriting, product design and consumer engagement.

Nearly 60% of UK consumers want a single marketplace to access financial services and 42% are frustrated with managing multiple accounts with over half considering closing accounts as a result.


Be the ‘go-to’ financial app for your customers

moneyinfo brings together data for investments, savings, pensions, property, banking, credit cards, mortgages and insurances.

“It’s only when consumers see an aggregated view of their financial world that they wonder how they managed before. The time saving benefits are obvious, but the biggest benefit is that in seeing a consolidated view this allows consumers to make much more informed choices about their money.”

Anthony Rafferty, managing director of financial services technology standards organisation ORIGO


Drive digital engagement and increase your share of wallet

Create more meaningful relationships by helping customers to understand the full picture of their current situation and use this data to offer services that can deliver them better financial outcomes.

moneyinfo will help move your transactional customers to regularly engaged consumers.


Your GDPR Dashboard

Secure messaging with mobile alerts makes collaboration with your customers secure and easy and takes important financial information away from the insecurity of email.

Enhanced privacy controls allow customers to control their personal data and decide who to share it with.


New ways to deliver advice

Your services are reliant on the relationships of trust built between you and your customers and there are many circumstances where face to face advice can be complemented through robo and hybrid-advice.

Robo-advice tools driven by the data in moneyinfo can help nudge customers to understand the decisions they need to take for a better financial future.


Big Data insights, nudges and triggers

The comprehensive financial data model within moneyinfo can trigger reminders for key events and nudge customers into action whilst the aggregated data helps you design better, more targeted financial products and deliver them direct to the customers that need them when it’s appropriate to them.

“The ability to aggregate a client’s financial universe is critical. Banks and their customers need to be in a position to have a detailed picture of their financial situation, regardless of the product source so that any obvious efficiencies can be identified, and gaps plugged.”

Joanna Hall, independent consultant and NED