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Your beautiful, branded, bespoke client portal.

Your client’s entire financial life brought together in one place beautifully under your brand. Mobile and web-based, moneyinfo provides 24/7 access for your clients to their investments, savings, pensions, property, banking, mortgages, credit cards and insurances.


Your client’s digital financial filing cabinet.

Remove the time and cost of producing and mailing paper reports, let your clients access their information on demand. All of their finances and all the associated paperwork, organised and available at their convenience – all under your brand.


Effortless account aggregation

With built in automated aggregation from platforms, providers, bank accounts, stock-trade accounts and back offices, data is delivered seamlessly into interactive, animated net worth, spending and income graphs.


Link accounts to provide a complete family balance sheet.

View client, partner, dependants and trust accounts together on a single screen for a complete family balance sheet. Easily track all the assets, liabilities, income and spending across any account.


Adviser-client interaction made simple

Two-way document sharing and messaging with alerts makes collaboration between you and your clients secure and easy. With an intuitive interface and familiar Facebook type notifications, your clients will find keeping in touch simple whilst you can deliver more value through proactive and efficient communications.


Your brand and your content

With moneyinfo you can deliver your own custom content directly to your clients via our integrated content management solution. Content is only limited by your imagination and can include text, news feeds, images, video and links to your other services.


Connectivity and data where you want it.

From simple data exports to web services and APIs, moneyinfo allows you to make the best use of your data. Built in single sign-on capability means your clients can seamlessly move between moneyinfo and your other web-based services.


Your client’s entire financial life in one place.

What they own, owe, earn and spend. Think about the value of having this data aggregated automatically and accurately collected from source. Moneyinfo … your beautiful, branded, bespoke client portal.