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Newsletter September 23

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moneyinfo 12.1 Release

We recently released moneyinfo 12.1! You should have received updated release notes in your inbox, or you can watch the video below to get a full rundown of all the amazing features we have now available as part of the new update, from our Product Owner Ryan McCarthy.

Here's a quick overview of what's new in moneyinfo 12.1:

  • Outlook Add-In now available
  • Scheduled client data extracts
  • Enhanced workflow step for fact finds
  • moneyinfo notifications
  • New fact find fields
  • Client page redesign

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Training and webinars | Back to contents

Katy Hillyerd, our experienced Client Services Adviser has been responsible over the last few months for delivering our client training program at the new moneyinfo HQ!

“Katy did some training which was great and she followed up afterwards with an offer of further help and training, how moneyinfo could support us without any expectation on our part. She did not have to do this but she did. Brilliant.”

- Daniel McMahon, Head of Technology and Innovation at Hymans Robertson

Over the time Katy has been delivering training, we have seen how useful our webinars are to streamline your business processes and get you up to speed with all the brilliant benefits moneyinfo can bring your firm.

View Training Webinar dates here.

We have also listened to your feedback and now run a series of Friday Forums which are an opportunity for you to discuss best practice and see how we can improve your knowledge and get the best out of moneyinfo, with likeminded forward thinking firms.

Stay updated with our moneyinfo Linkedin user group here , or contact us directly here to schedule a 1-2-1 or group training webinar.

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#WishYouWorkedHere? | Back to contents

Our September quarterly social event took us on an exhilarating journey into the virtual world! 🎮

This quarter we jumped into the immersive realm of virtual reality, where we battled it out in heart-pounding paintball matches, showed off our rhythm skills in Beat Saber, and joined forces to survive an exhilarating zombie horde onslaught.

The games were an absolute blast, and it was great to see our colleagues showcase their competitive spirit and teamwork in the digital arena. Of course the only way to end the night was to bite into tasty food and sink cool refreshing beverages.

Another great event to celebrate our successful quarter! These events aren't just about having a good time; they reflect our commitment to our BOLD, TRUSTED, TOGETHER company values.
#WishYouWorkedHere ?

We're all about fostering a vibrant work culture that brings our team closer together. If you know somebody who would thrive in this kind of workplace, why not share our meet the team page here?

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Did you know you can do that? | Back to contents

There are so many features inside moneyinfo, and with new release and frequent updates to what we can do for you, it can be hard to always stay on top.

We’ve summarised some important features that we think you should be aware of, just in case you need some additional training or support.

Read on to find out more, or go to all training webinars viewable in our video showcase here:

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Digital Fact Find

Did you know you can use the most customisable fact find in the UK to capture data more quickly and easily?

As an adviser, there are 3 essential features you need to enable the quickest and easiest fact find process the most up to date technology has to offer:

  • A 100% mobile enabled process

We often forget how many tasks our mobiles enable us to do in the modern world. Filing taxes, purchasing gifts, or getting a washing machine fixed. Your service is not an exception, clients expect a seamless, quick, and easy process using familiar technology.

  • A fully customisable form builder

You need to be able to add, edit, and reorder your own custom fields to make sure each client gets a tailored experience and the most value out of your service. Make sure can capture the right data to allow you to deliver an exceptional client experience.

  • Using workflows to save time

Make your process as time efficient as possible. Create less work for the client with account integration to minimise data entry, and less work for the adviser with fully customisable automated workflows.

Without these three key features in place, you are not making the most out of the current technology the industry has to offer.

Reduce the time and cost taken to process onboarding and client reviews, whilst speeding up response times using the UKs most customisable client portal and fact find.

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Secure Messaging

Still sending sensitive client information through email? There’s a safer place to communicate with your clients using the moneyinfo Outlook Add-in.

Easily re-route your client’s emails to the moneyinfo Manager App using our built in Outlook add-in, available for all existing messages. Transfer your communications to your branded app with two clicks, ready for you to respond securely via the encrypted moneyinfo Adviser App.

Our encrypted messaging service is as easy to use as WhatsApp for both clients AND advisers, more secure than email, and the best bit is that the whole experience is delivered via you own branded apps for Apple and Android!

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Onboarding Clients

Speed up everyday processes from capturing KYC data, to onboarding and client reviews using our advanced workflow automation tools.

  • Customisable workflow automations

Fully customisable workflows allow you to automate a range of processes to maximise efficiency and speed up time consuming, repetitive tasks, such as capturing KYC info, booking meetings, or document approval.

  • Confident compliance with full audit trail

A full date and time stamped record of all activity and communications with each of your clients engaged with through a moneyinfo workflow, with easy exporting for your compliance record.

  • Relieve your inbox with focused participants

Maximising efficiency means giving the right job to the right people. Pass workflow activity automatically from your client services team, to an adviser, or third party connection, to reduce inbox bloat!