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Privacy Controls

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Updated Privacy Controls - Giving your clients the control they expect

Why are they important?

Finances are a personal thing, there are things your clients want their adviser to know and manage for them and things that they may not want their adviser to know about. Old debts, credit cards, self managed accounts or a property.

Consumers have never had so much access to their personal information online. This isn’t going to change any time soon; internet banking, online shopping, social media, activity tracking…

Whilst consumers aren’t necessarily becoming sceptical of using online services to manage their personal information, they are becoming more aware of the need to stay safe online and being able to protect and manage their very personal information has become essential. This makes it more important than ever to give them total control over their personal data.

What is the benefit for your clients?

An enhanced level of privacy can now be made available to your clients which will allow them greater control over who can view any items they add to their moneyinfo portal.

Being able to add their own personal assets such as bank accounts or property to their moneyinfo account with the ability to turn on/off access to their adviser or related party, ensures they feel safe that only they will ever have access to view the information.

How will it affect engagement?

Traditionally if your client didn’t want their adviser to know about a specific account or asset, they just wouldn’t tell you about it, or they would keep it locked in their filing cabinet at home! This isn’t a new problem, but technology is allowing us to manage these challenges in a more secure and innovative way.

Giving clients the ability to manage who is able to view their most personal information gives them the confidence to add assets to their app.  Creating a sense of ownership and control for clients is fundamental to maximising adoption.

By allowing users to add accounts/assets in private, you are encouraging them to take a holistic view of their personal circumstances which can only have a positive impact on their overall financial health and wellbeing… helping them to ‘see the bigger picture’.


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