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Andrews Gwynne Video Case Study

Andrews Gwynne was formed over 35 years ago and remains focused on developing close relationships with private clients, often extending over many generations including their trusts and pension funds together with extensive experience of managing portfolios for charities.

Andrews Gwynne are no strangers when it comes to adopting new technology being an early adopter of Adviser Office. They recognise that now is the time to embark on a new digital strategy for their business and something they believe all firms will need to do as the technology develops.

Andrews Gwynne’s moneyinfo portal is branded as Client Hub.

Managing Partner, Douglas Croft -

“moneyinfo allows our clients to keep track of what we are doing with their finances, they’ve found that really rather valuable.

Our clients are particularly impressed by the way in which the data is presented. They can take a single snapshot - just see what the total figure is or they can drill down into quite significant degrees of granularity … and I think this gives them considerable reassurance.

Previously, we traditionally reported on a six monthly cycle to our clients. They increasingly wanted to access their data on a much more regular basis and moneyinfo gave us the opportunity to be able show them what is happening in, more or less, real-time.

It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re using a PC on a desk, or at home in bed with your smartphone… the data is immediately there, ready to use.

On top of this, we have been able to save quite a lot of staff time, in simply reducing the amount of paperwork that needs to be dealt with. We’ve reduced the number of four-drawer filing cabinets very significantly and in the longer run there will be significant savings achieved in our administrative costs.

The speed of response from the moneyinfo support desk has been startling compared with most IT operations and what they tell us is usually bang-on-the-nail first time. This is an important feature for us.

The feedback from clients has been extremely positive, there is no doubt that they enjoy using moneyinfo, and the information that it gives them, because it comes across cleanly, neatly, simply, which can sometimes be lost in a welter of paperwork.”