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Bromwich Financial Client Story

Reaping the Benefits of Digital

Bromwich Financial Planning Limited (bfp) was founded in 1991 with the aim of providing bespoke, independent financial advice grounded within a strong client relationship. 

Nigel Bromwich, Managing Director, “It is a no small matter of pride that we do not really advertise our services as all of our clients are referred to us by either our existing clients or through our close relationships with Solicitor and Accountancy firms.”

As with many adviser firms, bfp had serious concern that the introduction of digital technology might not sit well with bfp’s hands-on approach and wanted to ensure it did not get in the way of the client relationship.

bfp took the time to get their roll-out right with clients. Nigel personally introduces the app to his clients at their review meeting, talking through the benefits and making sure the clients are comfortable with the new way of working. Only two clients have not taken advantage of the app, and that’s because they don’t have a mobile phone or use a computer.

To ensure a consistent way of working, bfp keep an account on moneyinfo for all clients (even the two who can’t access it). Then processing any paperwork is consistent for all clients, with the post as just an extra step (if a wet signature is required). 

Nigel says:

“I took the time to have a meeting with every client to explain why we were introducing the app. Reassuring clients of our commitment to protecting their data and ensuring that all communications and information are secure. It makes a big difference and has helped us achieve widespread adoption.

We took the decision to make the portal the default way we do business, introducing it to new clients’ right from the start of their journey with bfp. Clients have quickly adapted to contacting us via the app and having all their correspondence easily accessible is very convenient and saves us and our clients lots of time which was previously lost through the delays caused by posting documents.

What surprised us, is that client’s read nearly everything we send them through the service on receipt, we know because we can see when the document is opened. I am really pleased with the new paperless way of working and we have benefited from a 35% reduction in office expenditure thanks to moving from paper and email to secure digital communication through bfp moneyinfo.“

Bromwich’s branded version of moneyinfo is called bfp moneyinfo.