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Hymans Robertson Video Case Study

Dan McMahon, a partner at Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth, shares the transformative journey of the firm in delivering financial wellbeing, guidance, and advice services to address the growing gap in the industry.

“The team, the values and the technology roadmap is very much aligned with our own. It’s for that reason that we refer to moneyinfo as a partner rather than a supplier.”

Dan highlights the portal's workflow feature as a game-changer in closing the guidance and advice gap. Workflows streamline client journeys, with a remarkable 95% completion rate when initiated by clients. The concept of service groups within the portal allows segmentation for tailored client experiences.

“We have found that once workflow is started by a client, 95% of them complete the entire journey without any chasing from our team. Freeing up our team’s time for coaching our clients rather than chasing them.”

The firm faced two significant challenges - onboarding a large number of clients efficiently and integrating various applications seamlessly.

Recognising the importance of system and data integration, Hymans Robertson identified moneyinfo as a key partner due to its expertise in these areas. The client portal needed to be feature-rich, user-friendly, and have a robust product roadmap. moneyinfo outshone competitors in all aspects, making it the natural choice.

"System and data integration were key requirements for us from day one, and this was quickly identified by us as a key competency of moneyinfo, making it one of the deciding factors in choosing to work with them."

Being an ISO 27001 accredited organisation, Hymans Robertson prioritised robust technology and data security. moneyinfo successfully passed the stringent data and information security due diligence process, assuring the safety of sensitive client data.

With over 1200 clients onboarded, Hymans Robertson leverages bulk messaging and campaign functions for effective communication. Campaigns include newsletters, webinars, round-ups, and blogs, fostering continuous engagement and prompting client actions.

"The team at moneyinfo has supported us in training as we brought more people into the business, supported us in getting as much as we can out of the product features as and when they are deployed and always take on board our suggestions for future improvements."

Hymans Robertson selected Hubwise for their central investment proposition, benefiting from a two-way integration between the portal and the platform. Valuation feeds and automatic document collection enhance the client experience within the moneyinfo environment.

Hymans Robertson's ambitious plans include increasing the usage of digital fact finds, exploring greater integration with the Microsoft suite of products, building out execution-only journeys in the portal, and investigating generative AI for enhanced client support.

"I really am not someone who would just wax lyrical about a supplier for the sake of it. We set really high standards for who we work with. The team, the values, and the technology roadmap moneyinfo has are very much aligned with our own."

To learn how moneyinfo can help you to blaze your own trail with a fully brandable app that delivers compliance confidence, client loyalty, and improved profitability, book a demo below