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O-IM Video Case Study

"Can we pick up the phone to talk to people and can we help Influence how the technology is evolving? I feel like I have that with moneyinfo and it's something I'm strongly committed to."

O-IM is a multi-asset, multi-strategy investment manager that allocates to a broad range of products and believes in direct equity exposure alongside passive and active funds. In this video, they talk about their experience with moneyinfo.

Lewis Hamm, co-founder and CEO "We're a relatively new investment manager in the market, very passionate about what we do. O-IM works with adviser firms, understanding what they are trying to achieve for their clients and we provide a solution that Is different from what they’ve seen from the other investment managers they are working with.

Differentiation in the DFM market is really tough. How do we do It? We think moneyinfo is a huge complement, it helps not only the client but also the adviser and I don't think that's fully appreciated.

We've found it critical to adopt a client portal and we did an awful lot of due diligence on what's available in the market. As we proceeded with our research, it led us down one road to moneyinfo.

Part of the moneyinfo appeal, is the value for money it offers, what it can do for us and what we don't have to do because we use moneyinfo.

Our operational risk factor falls because of Its effectiveness. What’s really been nice, is our use of moneyinfo manager behind the scenes, it really is a non-convoluted, non-arcane way of accessing and using an office system. It's done in a way that's logical, clear and very manageable, so our operational risk factor falls because of its effectiveness.

Our custodians are M&G Wealth, previously Ascentric and the integration has been seamless. What adds to that Is our ability to check the status of the feeds, understand what's going on, so it's not in a black box that nobody can see.

As a DFM we need to look after both our private clients and the adviser firms we are partnering with to create solutions for their clients. We need advisers to be able to access the information they need, in the same way that their clients can.

We're seeing increasingly the use of our branded app. I have it on my phone, I can open the O-IM app and show friends, family and prospects, how It works.

I think clients really benefit from the app because of how life works. Everyone has an app for everything. It's that on-demand, simplicity that clients like and the feedback's been great."

Matthew Hull, Investment Manager, " The new world needs a hybrid approach, that allows instant execution and enables us to focus on what we do best. Clients have expressed how refreshing it is to have a system that just works and flows seamlessly from decision through execution."

Katie Land, Business Support and Marketing Manager, "Timescale was our biggest challenge and having our own branded app was very important to reinforce our brand Identity.

Starting with the project kick-off call, we were allocated tasks and clear from the outset who was doing what. The support we received was second to none and working with moneyinfo we were able to launch our branded app within three months, which was fantastic."

Last words to Lewis -

"moneyinfo is certainly someone we see as a long-term partner, the technology evolves, the team evolve, the engagement Is great.

I had a relatively linear view of what we could and wanted to achieve and as soon as we engaged moneyinfo you start expanding that view.

We're more than happy to trailblaze."

To learn how moneyinfo can help you to blaze your own trail with a fully brandable app that delivers compliance confidence, client loyalty, and improved profitability, book a demo here.


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