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Ovation Video Case Study

Ovation Financial Planning is a Chartered Financial Planning firm based in Bristol. 

With over 20 years of experience, Ovation helps people to use their wealth to accumulate life, not the other way round. 

Their purpose involves helping clients who are thinking about the future; whether that’s their own lifestyle, their family’s security, or the future of their business (or all three). With that in mind, Ovation do a lot of work in three key areas: helping professionals, helping business owners, and working with clients to plan for their retirement. 

Ovation chose moneyinfo because we provide the only client portal and mobile apps that encompass every aspect of the client journey, all delivered at every step of the way under the Ovation Finance brand. This empowers the firm to deliver game-changing client engagement and develop a stickier relationship with their clients, bringing them closer and increasing their loyalty. 

Think moneyinfo could be a fit for you? 

At moneyinfo, we go above and beyond to listen to our clients’ requirements and how we can help them, with ongoing support and our phone-first approach to get the job done. For Ovation, we helped to deliver their requirements which included three key important areas for client engagement: 

  1. Document Sharing. The ability to store and share documents all in one place for ease of access and communication between Ovation and their clients

  2. Secure Messaging. Ovation’s new app features encrypted messaging which enables clients to send messages directly to their adviser quickly and efficiently through a secure, easy-to-use messaging system.

  3. Account Aggregation. Clients being able to view all of their assets and investments in one place, under a single login, all delivered under the advisers brand. 

Christiaan Coolen, Financial Planner at Ovation Financial Planning speaks about the convenience of a shared calendar:

“On the app there’s a widget on the homepage which allows clients to book appointments with us. This brings up Calendly, so they’ve got access to our diaries straight away to see when we’re available, and they then can book a zoom meeting straight away. This is great for the clients and great for us because everything is integrated into one area. 

We've found it really helpful with the added level of security. There's a higher level of encryption on the app that you don't get through email. So if the client contacts us through the messaging system to say that they would like to withdraw some money, we’re happy to take that instruction through the app.” 

Cheryl Frazer, Practice Manager at Ovation Financial Planning speaks about the importance of client engagement: 

“When we add clients to MyOvation, we provide them with a guide on how to use the Privacy controls that are provided, because part of what we do is encourage them to use the portal for their own purposes as well. So if they want to upload any documents or add any assets that they don't want us or other members to have access to, they can switch on the privacy controls and keep it to themselves.” 

We’re more than just a client portal, we’re a better way of doing business. We put a big emphasis on working with you right from the get-go, throughout the implementation process, through to any queries you might have once you and your clients are up and running. Cheryl spoke about how we helped her to launch the MyOvation client portal and mobile apps: 

“moneyinfo were great at getting us on-boarded and giving us the information we needed. We really felt very supported through the entire process on deciding the portal we wanted, understanding the features and then building the portal. We see our relationship with moneyinfo as a long term partnership with ourselves at Ovation. We’re looking forward to bringing in the new features that keep getting released, and really working together to not just help improve our back office processes, but also to keep driving forward the client experience.” 

When you become a client at moneyinfo, we provide you with free training to get you up and running at a pace that is right for you, a dedicated support & adoption manager to walk you through the whole process, and we employ a phone first approach which means we’ll always pick up the phone where possible to chat through any queries you might have. We don’t just provide for our clients, we build together. 

Discover how you can implement a service that is easy to use, accessible, and speeds up everyday processes for both clients and advisers, all via your own fully branded client portal and mobile apps. Book a personal demo here . 


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