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Town Close Video Case Study

Town Close Financial Planning are a leading independent financial planning company based in Loughton, Essex and in the West Country and in this video, Alan Flack, head of projects talks about his experience with moneyinfo and the implementation of the TCFP Client Portal: 

Listening to our clients.

" At a focus group with our clients, they asked for the ability to look at all their finances in one place preferably on an app. I was given the job to see whether there was a software platform that could work for us, and it was important that we deliver the service using the Town Close brand.

After some research, we selected moneyinfo and they helped us realise what was possible to achieve.

When I first saw our app on my iPhone screen I was really excited and as we learned what the portal could do, our ambitions grew. We got the software for valuations but very quickly realised that it could help us with a lot of business processes and in particular secure communications.

Securing our communications.

This has become the most important thing for us. In the past, like most companies we would be using a combination of email and some post but now over 90% of all communications are done via the portal.

The use of eSignatures has been one of the big transformations particularly since the pandemic. Pretty much all of our documents are now electronically signed via the portal and this has really speeded things up. Instead of sending a document out and waiting a week for the client to post it back, most clients do it instantaneously and this was an efficiency saving we hadn’t considered until we got the portal.

Delivering Custom Content.

Our managing director, Jeremy Askew, writes a lot of blogs, videos and podcasts and its important that our clients can access these wherever they are, so we’ve created a custom-pod in moneyinfo to deliver contents direct to our clients’ devices wherever it suits them.

Incredible Adoption Stats.

Over 60% of our clients log on to the portal regularly and half of them at least twice a week. Some look at their valuations everyday and some use it to store their own documents, not just the ones we ask them to store but ones that are important to them.

Saving fees on our expensive third-party back-office system.

When we put in moneyinfo we had no ambition that we would be able to do away with our third-party back-office system but over time we realised that most of what we were doing on the portal we were duplicating in the back-office which was significantly more expensive. We realised we could do everything we needed using the moneyinfo portal, so now the back-office system is gone.

Listening to us.

I really enjoy working with moneyinfo, as they listen to us as a client. We’ve recently been asked to join them on their factfind project. They are building functionality to allow us to directly input and review the client’s factfind information within the portal .

Part of our future.

We’ve been on a journey with moneyinfo and they are part of our future.

It’s the way we do business now and I can’t imagine how we’d ever do it without them. "

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For more information on how a moneyinfo client portal can help supercharge your business and complement your existing investment in technology please click  here  to organise a discovery call.


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