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AdviserTech LIVE 7 – Hybrid Advice 2.0

Hybrid Advice 2.0’ is a different interpretation of automating advice through a robo-powered proposition (hybrid 1.0). Hybrid Advice 2.0 now focuses on the digitisation of the key processes around delivering face-to-face advice. It’s no longer about man versus machine. It’s about working man with machine.

At AdviserTech Live 7, we explored the different perspectives around what ‘Hybrid Advice’ means to a range of leading edge technology firms providing solutions in the wealth management sector.

To contact any of the presenters from the AdviserTech Live sessions, or to book a demonstration, use the contact details below:

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-intro Octo - Session facilitated by Lee Robertson
Octo is the app-based private community for financial services professionals, where advisers, fund managers, wealth managers, and professional consultants can come together to share knowledge and best practices. They aim to facilitate the sector talking to and engaging with the sector. 

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-seccl Seccl - Seccl: An Overview
Caldon demonstrates Seccl’s API-driven technology, which empowers advisers and DFMs to control their own destiny, own their client relationships and improve their customer experience – by operating their own platform.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-moneyinfo moneyinfo - Reimagining Client Onboarding With The Digital Fact Find
Tessa shows how to improve client onboarding and review processes using our new Digital Fact Find capability. Allows your clients and advisers to update and complete fact find information on the move, on the mobile devices they chose to use.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-fundment Fundment - How Technology Is Changing The
Game For Advisers
Ola dissects the key challenges facing the platform industry, what is being done about them, and why advisers can start to get (just a bit) excited. Solving problems through technology is often hard, but always worth it.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Image-ev EV - Increase Your AUM by Reducing Your Effort
In the post-covid era where the market has seen an increase in investing, technology can play a big part in increasing your assets under management. Using a simplified digital/hybrid advice processes can reduce the time spent with clients whilst also increasing AUM.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-advisorstream AdvisorStream - The Adviser's Guide to Supercharging Your Marketing
Rebecca McMurry is the Manager of Enterprise Accounts at AdvisorStream, the highest-rated advisor marketing platform focused on driving growth, revenue and retention by leveraging licensed content from the world’s top publishers.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-aviva Aviva - Using Technology To Your Advantage
Accessibility to data is paramount to the success of any business where digital is at the core of the advice business, this is particularly important when it comes to providing Hybrid Advice. Aviva provides a significant number of integrated data services across a wide range of software suppliers.

AdviserTech-Live-7-Bio-Images-conquest Conquest - AI-Based Planning: The Emperor's New Clothes or the Real Deal? rob.tedder@conquestplanning.com
Rob explores alternative ways of delivering advice, using some of the very latest AI assisted capability in the UK market and discuss how this could be deployed in the business.