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AdviserTech LIVE! 2021: Standing out in a crowd

Every time you are in front of your clients (whether face to face or through technology) you need to think, does this represent your business as well as you’d like? 

To understand the importance and power of branding, and embrace technology to help reinforce your own brand and values, join us for AdviserTech LIVE #6. We’ve invited a range of speakers from across the technology industry to help you develop and deploy your brand with your clients. 

  • Wednesday 6th October - 14:30 - 16:00


  • Thursday 7th October - 14:30 - 16:00


  • Friday 8th October - 14:30 - 16:00


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If the past 18 months has taught us anything it’s that your online presence is more than just your website alone; Zoom calls, the platforms you use, reporting software, your client portal, your social media channels, your visual identity and values... Your clients and prospects are judging you via every interaction they have online with you, and each interaction is perceived as a reflection of your brand and values.

Your website, client portal, back office system, reporting tools, social media profiles, your investment platforms… Every time you put a different piece of tech infront of your clients you need to think, does this represent your business as you’d expect? Would your clients value it more if it was delivered under YOUR brand?

It's crucial for advice firms to understand the importance and power of branding, and they embrace technology to help them to reinforce their own brand, and their own values. Afterall, it is the advice firms that own the trusted relationship with their clients. Why would advisers want to risk their reputation by putting a substandard solution from a third party technology supplier infront of their clients, when market leading technology is available to fully white label under their own brand?

For AdviserTech LIVE #6, we’ve invited a range of speakers that help advisers to develop and deploy their brand online. Join us to learn how advice firms can complement their own brand and values by white labelling market leading services and software, and how these firms can support them to develop their service fully under their own brand! 

Download the agenda HERE !

ATL 6 - standing out in a crowd - Agenda V11

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Session facilitated by Lee Robertson , Octo Members  

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, Lee Robertson is an award-winning financial planner and investment specialist. As founder and CEO of Octo Members Group, a private members group for financial service professionals in a dynamic native app, Octo Members aim to facilitate, speak and engage with the financial sector. divider 2 1200x70 divider 2 1200x70 Speakers include:

Abbie Knight   | Abbie Knight , Director 

Marketing in the age of disruption

In today's age of disruption, how will you stand out from the crowd? In this session, Abbie will share the two fastest paths to differentiation. She'll show you how to differentiate your business and personal brand, using real-life examples. And how to get there faster with automation. 

moneyinfo | Sim Sangha , Business Development Director 

Portal personalisation is paramount

Learn how to create your own unique digital communication experience and differentiate your business from your peers, competitors and suppliers. We'll show you how to deliver a personalised, yet efficient client communication experience setting you apart from the crowd. 

PLOTT Creative | Anna Plotnek , Partner 

Practical tips for building your brand online

Your website and online presence has never been more important. We'll be looking at simple, effective ways to stand out and make sure your brand is relevant and engaging. 

SECCL | Dan Marsh , Head of Customer

Taking control of the platform experience

Learn why more and more advice firms of all sizes are choosing to operate a platform of their own – and how it differs from simply using or white labelling an existing platform solution.

AdvisorStream | Rebecca McMurry , AdvisorStream 

Brand & Deliver: How to drive growth with scroll-stopping marketing

Looking to get better results from your marketing? Join AdvisorStream for an educational session on how to use content marketing best practices to stand out, demonstrate value, and spark action from prospects/clients.

Minerva Chris Edmeades , Managing Director

How own branded funds can support your investment proposition

For a variety of reasons, firms may wish to consider creating their own funds to augment their investment proposition. Minerva Fund Management Solutions work in partnership with Wealth Managers to consider the merits of and implement, a branded fund range.

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