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CISI Webinar 2022.02

Hybrid advice. Don’t overlook the lucrative middle ground.

A mixture of advisor and digital interactions is preferred by the majority of the ultra-wealthy and by almost half of clients interested in moving between providers. This webinar investigates why a combination of digital technologies and the human adviser trumps robo-advice and is far more efficient than the traditional model of client visits and paper mountains.

Learn why focusing uniquely on advisor-led or digital-led models risks overlooking a lucrative middle ground. It’s the hybrid model that’s most popular.

Tune in to discover how technology can help to transition your business to an efficient, client centred hybrid advice model, fit for the future and ready for the now.


  • Learn how todays clients expects their wealth management service to be delivered
  • Understand which costly advice processes can be automated
  • Learn how to take full advantage of a digital service channel to complement your advice service