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Citywire Fintech Forum 2021

Did you know that for every pound spent, the UK financial services industry produces a ballpark carbon footprint of 191gm CO2E[1]?

Speaking at the Citywire Fintech Forum, Tessa Lee, the managing director of moneyinfo, asks the question whether going digital can reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the most tangible ways that going digital has a positive impact on the environment is to become paperless. And by doing so businesses can reduce cost and risk, deliver a better client experience and become much more efficient.

Tess demonstrates how switching the delivery of your client and other communications through a client portal both reduces your carbon footprint and delivers huge operational savings for your business.

Tess explains that digital communications still have a carbon footprint but they’re significantly lower than alternatives and still measurably less than email.

Our forward-thinking clients are asking us what we’re doing to move our business to net zero and we’re sharing some of that learning with you.

And it’s a ripple effect, small changes from lots of us really make a big impact.

For more information on how a moneyinfo client portal can help your business, please click  here  to book a discovery call.

[1] How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything. Book by Mike Berners-Lee