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moneyinfo Webinar 24 - Setting up Workflows

Workflows allow you to automate key processes, save time and ensure the right steps are always followed.

Join us for our new Workflow Training Webinars :



In these training webinars you’ll learn how to set up and run your own workflows for key processes in your business such as on-boarding new clients, gaining approval from your clients on documents or managing your regular client reviews.

Agenda :

  • An overview of moneyinfo’s workflow features
  • Required Operator/Security Group roles and Team/Operator settings
  • How to use the Workflow Designer to build simple workflows
  • Using participants to manage workflows for your Operators or Teams and how to assign work to different people in your organisation
  • Version control and testing your workflows before you publish them
  • Running a workflow for a single client or multiple clients
  • Completing workflow steps in secure messaging, for clients and operators
  • View and filter for different workflows and track progress in the Activities page

We’ll finish each webinar with a Q&A session .

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Book your place now and learn how you can power up your workflow and communications!