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AdviserTech Live 8 Consumer Duty

Time for Solutions

AdviserTech Live 8

Join us in November when we will be joined by presenters from moneyinfo, Model Office, and Money Alive demonstrating how their tech can support financial planning and wealth management firms to meet their Consumer Duty obligations.

Consumer Duty is fast approaching. You've learned the 'what' and the 'why', now it's time to formulate a plan and learn 'how' you will deliver against the four Consumer Duty outcomes using leading edge wealth tech solutions to deliver robust and repeatable processes to underpin your proposition in the areas of:
  • Products and services
  • Price and value
  • Consumer understanding
  • Consumer support
These live sessions will be hosted online and last 90 minutes. You'll also have an opportunity to engage with the presenters to ask any burning questions to help you to better understand how the different technologies can help you to deliver against the Consumer Duty outcomes.

Speakers include:

Barry Martin Head of Advisory Sales Event Facilitator View speaker
With over 18 years’ experience working within financial services regulatory support service companies, Barry Martin is currently Head of Advisory Sales at threesixty Support Services. Threesixty deliver tailored support solutions to financial intermediaries, designed to help grow and protect their businesses within the ever changing regulatory framework and are proactively assisting over 950 client firms in meeting their Consumer Duty requirements.
Event speakers
Tessa Lee Managing Director Your secret weapon to help you comply with Consumer Duty

Client portals provide 24/7 access to information and support, and are vital when it comes to helping firms meet their Consumer Duty obligations. Tess will provide a practical demonstration of how moneyinfo can help support and evidence the key outcomes the FCA want to see whilst delivering game-changing client engagement to build client loyalty, enhance profitability and ensure compliance confidence for your business.
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Chris Davies Founder RegTech empowering Consumer Duty Data and Compliance

The oil-encompassing Consumer Duty requires firms to gain the right data and management information (Ml) to evidence their business services and products comply. Model Office RegTech automates the consumer duty diagnostic and gap onalysis phases providing streamlined heat mapped dashboards, data analytics
View speaker
Andy Kirby Founder / Director The FCA demand improved consumer understanding - how can advisers respond?

All firms need to take a long look at their communications and ask if they truly inform the consumer. Andy will show how technology can help advisers improve their client’s understanding in an engaging, and evidenced way, support Consumer Duty compliant advice, and delight clients at the same time.
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