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GDPR and moneyinfo

How does Moneyinfo help with GDPR?

GDPR regulation brought in much more stringent controls for you in terms of looking after and protecting your clients’ data. And client portals like Moneyinfo can really help you do that. One of your key obligations is to ensure that the data you hold about your clients is always accurate and up-to-date, and Moneyinfo helps you do that by bringing in your back office or CRM data, overlaying platform and provider information, to make sure that the quality of data you’re presenting to your clients is the best it possibly can be. Alongside that, we support the new right of data portability by allowing your client to zip and download their entire profile so they can take it to another service provider. Portals help with subject access requests to give you a secure way of delivering information to your client. And most importantly for your clients, they’re built with data security and data protection by design and default. Your client, using our privacy controls, is in control of how and where their data is shared – one of their key rights under GDPR.