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What makes moneyinfo special?

Why will your clients use it and love it?

In order to get your clients to use your client portal app, you need to deliver something that’s fundamentally going to solve their problems. One of the biggest problems your clients have is that they have lots of different financial information with lots of different institutions and platforms and providers, and also a raft of paperwork that goes with it. So if you can deliver something that brings that together for them and organises it and gives them a secure place for all their important documentation, then that’s the starting point of really getting them to use your technology.

Alongside that, you need to make it easy for them to put their own information on. If they add their postcode and house number, bring back their property data directly from land registry and value it over time for them. You’re giving them something back for investing a little bit of time in putting information into your portal.

And finally, it needs to dovetail into your advice and service processes. So if you’re starting to deliver your communications through the portal, you’re starting to deliver your reports through the portal, then that gives the reason for the client to log in. They get a push notification on your app, and then they will log in and use it.