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Back Office Data Harvesting Raises Client Confidentiality Fears

Loukia Gyftopoulou of Wealth Manager magazine has written a great article to highlight the implications of GDPR, PSD2 and the opportunity (and threat) of technology available to manage a client’s complete financial life including their investments, savings, pensions, property, insurances, banking, credit cards and mortgages.

Read the full article here:


GDPR puts the client firmly in control of who has access to their personal data. They must explicitly give consent to sharing their information, so comprehensive privacy controls are a key requirement for any online client portal. Clients can decide to share specific items with their wealth manager whilst keeping other’s private and systems need to handle the many different relationships a client may have linked to their account such as partners, dependents, trusts or other third parties.

Clients have increasingly complex financial lives and transparency is key; a client must be able to see who has access to their information. Get this right and it’s not about preventing firms accessing the information they need, it’s about putting the client in control and making them feel secure and comfortable to share their data. If they can’t control what can be shared then they won’t put their data on to your system and that will significantly impact your adoption and ultimately any benefits you were seeking in implementing the system.

As well as helping firms meet their GDPR obligations, online portals significantly reduce cyber security risk too. Document sharing and secure messaging features are standard in many online portals today, getting sensitive information away from the insecurity of email and ensuring information can only be accessed by authorised people.

As the market leader in aggregated wealth management client portals, we are relentless in tackling the ever-changing cyber threats that faces both you and your clients. This involves a combination of continuously improving technology and infrastructure, and working with the best expertise in cyber security to allow us to prevent, predict and detect the latest threats. It’s a continually evolving process and not one you can afford to ignore.


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