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Cut your onboarding time by a third with moneyinfo

Our managing director Tessa Lee, and the founder of Jigsaw Tree, Chris Baigent-Reed, do something a little bit different as they jump into avatar mode in this 30-minute talk.

Discussing Jigsaw Tree's recent accreditation as a moneyinfo training partner; Chris explains how they've worked with firms to configure our technology, streamline workflows and create standard templates to accelerate client onboarding and reviews.

Using specialist process mapping software to measure the before and after results, Jigsaw Tree highlight the time and efficiency savings achievable using moneyinfo.

In the video, Chris summarises the three key process improvements her team have mapped out, detailing the time and efficiency savings that can be achieved when using moneyinfo in your business.

Client Reviews

The most common and repetitive process for every firm is the client review. Using the power of automated workflows and appointment booking, moneyinfo delivers 29% time savings compared to a standard client review process.


Chris comments that’s, “Two stages in, moneyinfo’s there, and can begin to digitally engage with the client to do the heavy lifting.”
Automating elements of the onboarding process delivers significant time savings reducing some tasks by over 90% and delivering overall time savings of 28% compared with clients onboarded without moneyinfo.

Welcome Pack:

Jigsaw Tree reckon that automating this element alone can save 11 minutes. Every time you issue a welcome pack to a new client, you know your saving money.

These are just some of the efficiency gains, time savings, and financial benefits achieved by integrating moneyinfo into a firm’s technology stack.

Tessa talks about the simplicity of setting up and using moneyinfo to deliver these process efficiencies and how they are amplified when using an accredited training partner like Jigsaw Tree and concludes “It’s all about removing the heavy lifting, getting rid of the paperwork, automating the steps that typically have to be done by telephone or email tennis. Those simple things can really speed you up once you engage digitally with your clients and with your teams internally.”

View the video to get the full picture.

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moneyinfo is an award-winning client portal software supplier dedicated to helping financial service providers enhance their client engagement and communication. Our suite of digital solutions is a better way to business, streamlining your client interactions and improving overall client satisfaction.

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Jigsaw Tree is an experienced software implementation and outsourcing consultancy known for its expertise in designing and implementing tailored technology solutions for financial service providers. Accredited by moneyinfo, Jigsaw Tree combines industry best practices with a client-centric approach to drive business transformation.

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