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Strengthening Cybersecurity in Wealth Management with moneyinfo

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the financial services industry, particularly wealth management, faces a growing threat: cyberattacks . Recent reports have highlighted a disturbing trend of increasing cyber incidents within the UK financial services sector. The good news is that innovative solutions like moneyinfo are stepping up to fortify the defences of wealth management firms and protect their clients' valuable financial data.

Rising Cybersecurity Concerns

A recent article by Darius McQuaid writing in Money Marketing reported that UK financial services firms experienced a threefold increase in cyberattacks in 2023 compared to the previous year. The numbers are indeed concerning, with 640 cybersecurity breaches reported to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the year ending June 2023, up from 187 in the same period the previous year. One sector hit particularly hard by these cyber threats was pensions, with breaches soaring from six in 2021/22 to a staggering 246 in 2022/23.

UK financial services firms suffer threefold increase in cyber attacks

These attacks are not just a matter of inconvenience; they pose a significant risk to the security of sensitive financial data. The Pensions Regulator emphasises that trustees are accountable for safeguarding scheme information and assets, even when outsourcing day-to-day functions.

The Role of moneyinfo

Enter moneyinfo, a cutting-edge FinTech based in the Midlands on a mission to revolutionise the wealth management industry. moneyinfo serves as a digital relationship management platform that empowers wealth management firms to communicate efficiently with their clients. Its arsenal includes portfolio aggregation and reporting, secure communications, digital factfinding and automated workflows for onboarding and annual reviews.

What sets moneyinfo apart is its commitment to client engagement and security. With over 120,000 end users across 180 wealth management firms, including names like Saunderson House, Kingswood, and Progeny, the platform has proven itself as a game-changer.

Enhanced Client Engagement and Efficiency

moneyinfo's branded iOS and Android apps provide wealth management firms with a direct channel to engage with clients. Firms utilising these apps experience a remarkable four-fold increase in client engagement compared to traditional communication methods. The platform's efficiency-enhancing features, such as automating key processes like onboarding and client reviews, reduce costs and free up time for value-adding activities that strengthen client relationships.

Importantly, moneyinfo helps firms future-proof their operations by connecting them with the next generation of clients, who are digital natives. It's a crucial step toward building lasting relationships with future clients and securing the industry's future.

A Tailored, Cost-Effective Solution

Moneyinfo delivers branded client and wealth manager portals for various devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Its unique offering comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth tech providers, with a focus on enhancing client loyalty and engagement.

One standout feature is its high configurability, allowing firms to customise client experiences without the need for extensive development or implementation projects. This adaptability ensures that moneyinfo seamlessly integrates with the existing processes and services of wealth management firms, making it a valuable addition to their tech stack.


As the financial services industry grapples with an escalating wave of cyberattacks, solutions like moneyinfo provide a beacon of hope. By bolstering cybersecurity measures, enhancing client engagement, and streamlining operations, moneyinfo is helping wealth management firms not only navigate the digital age but also thrive in it.

In an era where safeguarding sensitive financial data and delivering personalised experiences are paramount, moneyinfo proves to be a partner that understands the unique challenges of the wealth management sector. As the industry continues to evolve, moneyinfo stands ready to solve the problems that competitors have yet to fully grasp, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for wealth management firms and their clients.

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