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Does Your App Do That?

With the latest release of moneyinfo our clients’ branded apps are being updated to include biometric access and in-app scanning.

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Biometric access

We already make things easy for clients with pin number access tied to their mobile phone to ensure a secure and easy one-handed login but the latest release makes this even easier and more secure with biometric access for both face and finger print recognition dependent on your clients’ smartphone capability.


In-app scanning

Need your client to send you some paperwork, they can now take a photo of it on their phone prompted by your branded app. This can save you tons of time as part of your onboarding process. Document requests can be included as part of your workflow journeys so you can request information from your client as you need it to automate your everyday processes.


As well as these two great enhancements, our latest version also adds the ability for clients to upload a profile picture to personalise their app, an enhanced audit trail showing everyone that has read a message, the introduction of child workflows (workflows in workflows) to make complex processes that much easier to automate – plus an integration with Tercero, an Aviva Bulk upload, Transact feed changes and a host of new design features.

The great thing about being a moneyinfo client is that all the new features and enhancements are included as part of your monthly license.

We keep the app up to date for you and always in your own brand.


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For more information on how a moneyinfo client portal can help your business, please click  here  to book a demonstration.