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Four reasons why you should use moneyinfo for your business

Here are four great reasons why you should use moneyinfo for your business.

Reason one: Deliver a better client experience.

Your clients are using Facebook and WhatsApp to communicate with their friends and family. Are you missing the opportunity that secure, digital communications can have on your business efficiency? 

A 35% reduction in office costs, 75,000+ pieces of paper not printed, let us show you how your own branded app can help you manage your clients more profitably.

Reason Two: Better than special delivery of your paperwork.

Instant and secure with the ability to track delivery, receipt, opening, acceptance and signing. Both you and your client get a complete record of all correspondence so there is never any doubt what was said.

The differentiators are speed, security and mobility. The time to send a message compared to generating a letter through word is seconds rather than minutes and there’s no chance of your message getting lost in spam.

Reason Three: Turbo charge your everyday business processes.

Re-engineer your everyday business processes such as onboarding, client reviews and rebalancing. Processes that currently takes you days to complete can be done in minutes through your own branded app.

Reason Four: Adviser engagement.

It’s not just your clients who get an app on their phone. moneyinfo allows everyone connected to the client to stay in touch. Communicate securely and easily with clients, team members and professional connections with all messages automatically recorded to an audit trail.

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If you need more reasons to use moneyinfo for your business, please give us a call on 03303 600 300 and we’ll talk you through how it will add value, reduce cost and complement your existing investment in IT.