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Going from good to great | Making Digital Easy | Part 3 of 7

In this series, we will show you how to use digital technology within your business to transform your everyday processes, enhancing client loyalty, increasing profitability and delivering compliance confidence.

The seven-part series will cover the following topics -

  1. Meeting your clients’ expectations.
  2. Using digital to transform your everyday business processes.
  3. Going from Good to Great
  4. Using your app with your next generation of clients
  5. What’s my back office for?
  6. AI and the future of financial services
  7. Keep it simple and on-brand

Like this article? There's more where that came from. This is part of a 7-part series on Making Digital Easy. To view the full guide, click below.

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Going from good to great

In this article, we’ll run through our top ten things where your app can improve your everyday efficiency.

  1. Automate your report delivery

You can deliver hundreds or even thousands of documents and reports in minutes with automated document delivery. Your regular periodic reports, contract notes and other documents are automatically collected securely from your platforms and back-office systems and delivered to your clients, with push notifications to let them know when something has been received. You can track receipt and opening for a full audit trail. 

  1. Share & sign paperwork and authorise work

Communicate securely with your clients on desktop, tablet or mobile. Remove confidential client information away from email and gain an audit trail of all client communications with intuitive and easy-to-use secure messaging. 

  1. Integrate meeting booking tools

Get your clients booked into meetings more quickly and easily by integrating your chosen meeting booking tool like Calendly, Timely or Microsoft Bookings.

  1. Digital onboarding and client reviews

Tailor your onboarding and client review process with customisable and automated workflows. Guide your client through an engaging onboarding experience incorporating your client agreement, collaborative fact find and meeting booking tools. Streamline client reviews with up to date and accurate valuations, pre-populated fact finds and delivery of review recommendations. You are in control of the process and client experience, taking away the administrative burden so you can focus on the conversation with your client. 

  1. Controlled content delivery with client segmentation, notes, PEPs & vulnerabilities.

Use your fully branded client portal to deliver different types of content to your clients with a range of tools and options such as app push notifications, mobile banner notifications, and emails. Deliver newsletters, market commentary, blogs, video commentary or social media content, straight to your clients. Segment your clients so you can control who receives what, strengthening engagement and relevance with your audience.

  1. Workflow & task management.

Start with one of our global templates or build your workflow from scratch with our dynamic Workflow Designer. You decide on the steps from secure messages, video content and meeting bookings to fact finds and eSignature requests. And at any stage add your own resources such as documents, videos, images or URLs. Run a workflow for multiple clients saving time and improving efficiency. Search for all clients who have a review due in a particular month and run a bulk workflow to book their review meetings, update their fact find and deliver their review packs.

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  1. Access reliable management information.

Automated daily valuations from your platforms, DFMs and providers ensures that you have accurate and up-to-date data for all your managed assets. Our team takes away the overhead of managing multiple sources of data. We monitor every feed daily and if there are any problems, we liaise directly with your platforms or providers to get them fixed. Having your client data up to date provides you with reliable management information whenever you need it to monitor how your business is doing and your AUM is growing.

  1. An app for your advisers and professional connections.

Access your client information and perform business processes on the move using the adviser app. The adviser app ensures that your advisers, relationship managers and all staff have access to key information, activity or documents and can connect with your clients anytime, anywhere. There’s also an app access for your professional connections and introducers so that they can track the clients that they’ve introduced and share and sign paperwork as needed to ensure all your processes run smoothly. Access is controlled by you using our comprehensive security model, ensuring only the information and reports you want to share are accessible to third parties.

  1. Next generation planning.

Track total wealth across your clients’ and their families. Link together the different related parties you look after including their partner and dependent children to build up a complete family balance sheet. Security controls who can see what enabling you to deliver a copy of your app to every generation of the family. They can view and track their assets including their property and held-away accounts, building you a relationship with the next generation of your clients. For more information see part four on how to use your app with your next generation of clients.

  1. Unlocking the single source of truth.

In your back-office is a record of every piece of correspondence that’s ever been produced for your client. This includes internal notes, application forms, draft reports, research data etc. This is valuable stuff but it’s often hard to know what’s been sent to the client and whether your client has read it. 

This is where your portal really comes into its own as anything you need your client to see, and only what you need your client to see, is shared with them via the portal. There’s never any doubt about what’s been shared with them as it’s available to your client all the time. The portal tracks when documents have been opened, approved, and signed ensuring your compliance record is complete. If it’s not on the portal - it’s hard to prove that your client received it. If it’s on the portal it was shared with your client. There’s no confusion as to what’s been said.

This doesn’t make your back-office system any less valuable as you need the internal records to demonstrate the work you’ve done in research behind the scenes to support your recommendations. The portal audit trail shared with your client adds confidence and complements your existing technology, making your compliance record that much clearer.