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How do you get your clients to use your portal

There are many types of portals your clients are expected to use; document portals, messaging portals, and account portals, but your clients may not use them as frequently as you think. So, how do you get your clients to use your portal?

We’ll tell you how, by making it their portal.

First of all, you need to make it easy to access by bringing all of the individual features that other portals offer into a single location. Deliver it under your own brand, and your clients will have a unified experience. After all, it’s your brand they trust, and it needs to be your brand that your clients download from the app stores.

This is the clients’ portal.

We understand that the success of any business depends on the quality of its customer service and increasingly how they deliver its Digital Relationship Management (DRM). We also believe that providing a way for your clients to engage with you on the devices they choose to use, whenever, and wherever they are is an integral part of that relationship. What sets moneyinfo apart from other providers is that we don’t just provide a portal – we provide you with a fully branded client engagement app. Your clients find this incredibly useful as it aggregates their entire financial lives, even the stuff you do not manage, into one place.

Your clients can see a birds-eye view of their financial health, keeping them updated on their financial position in real-time. By delivering a single aggregated view, you and your clients can easily identify trends, anomalies, and changes in their financial situation. With real-time updates, they can make informed decisions quicker, which makes your adviser-client relationship stickier, and keeps your clients loyal.

But a portal needs to be able to do more than just aggregate account data from a wide range of sources, right? How do you get your clients to access your app more regularly, making it their go-to financial app? Secure communications and document sharing help you to leverage the power of digital relationship management. Your clients will choose your portal as their default channel for secure communication, without the insecurities of email and post, which speeds up the delivery and return time of documents and e-signatures in the process. We’re all used to getting push and badge notifications from apps we use regularly, why should your service be any different? Cut through the noise in the email inbox and allow your clients to communicate with you directly via your own branded app.

It’s crucial to give your clients the ability to upload their own documents. If you want them to make your app their go-to financial app, then let them upload their important documents into their portal, too. In Case of Emergency (ICE) documents, wills, old family recipes, whatever is important to THEM! If you want your clients to feel like it’s their app, let them upload their own important financial paperwork. Think about the power of having their car insurance against their car, and their home insurance against their properties. If a client has an emergency that requires quick access to official documentation, imagine the convenience of having access to those files at their fingertips. The benefits will be attributed back to your app and brand in their time of need

Unlike a regular portal, our client engagement app is fully branded using your approved corporate standards and brand personality. This means that your app reflects your own branding and terminology throughout, leveraging your identity and creating a more personalised experience for your clients. This helps to build a stronger relationship between client and adviser, as well as providing a more consistent online experience.

At moneyinfo, we know that your clients’ financial lives are complex. Our apps are designed to simplify this complexity for them, and all are delivered under your trusted brand. We make it easy for your clients to find the information they need when they need it. Your app will give them access to all the documentation you’ve sent them, filed alongside their own personal docs, secure message thread histories, and of course, their account balances and real net worth tracked on a daily basis!


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