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How to ask clients what they want from your client portal

How to ask clients what they want from your client portal

Asking clients if they want online access to their portfolios will inevitably result in an indifferent response.  It is better to ask questions which bring out problems they never knew they had.  Here's a useful template for possible questions highlighting how you can improve the way they currently manage their financial information:

  • Where do you keep your important financial paperwork?.

Tick all that apply:

filing cabinet

[   ]                   

email or computer folders

[   ]

bag for life

[   ]      


[   ]       Description [……………………………………………………………………….]

  • Do you have trouble keeping track of all your financial and insurance information? (Scale 1-5) 1 is no problem 5 if it’s too hard.
  • How confident are you that your affairs and important documents are organised and accessible for your dependents should something happen to you? (Scale 1-5) 1 is all organised and 5 if this is a worry for you.
  • Would you find it helpful if we provide you with a secure area to view copies of all the correspondence and reports we send you, filed in a convenient file structure so you can find any document easily and we make the documents available for you to view on any of the devices you use?
  • Would you prefer that we continue to send you paper (which is costly for us, the environment and insecure) or would you prefer we send it securely via your laptop, tablet or as a mobile app on your phone that we will install and provide free of charge?
  • How would you prefer to access your financial information via the post, website, or a mobile app?
  • Would you benefit from having reminders when financial renewals are due such as your home insurances, car insurances, pet insurances?
  • Do you have other institutions you deal with to look after your finances including insurances, workplace pensions and self-managed accounts?
  • How many different logins do you have for these institutions and would you value having a single secure login to view all of your financial information and even bank and credit card transactions in one place?

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Asked in this way, most of your clients are likely to vote yes to at least some of the benefits of the portal and its bound to get a more positive response than if you ask them “Would they value having a client portal to view their investments online?”

Our survey says …

If your survey says yes or you decide that the benefits of a portal are too good to miss, then we can offer you a low-cost, low-risk pilot allowing you to test the functionality and communications between you and your clients (including your own staff). We will fully support you during this process so you can see the benefits for yourself and we can do this even during lockdown with your staff working from home.

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