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moneyinfo and Insignis Cash Management integration offers clients live access to active cash balances for first time

moneyinfo, the client portal and mobile app provider for advisers and wealth managers, is now offering live access to active cash balances managed on the Insignis Cash Management platform. This will be the first time actively managed cash balances can be displayed via advisers’ branded client portals alongside a client’s managed portfolios.

moneyinfo aggregates portfolio information from a wealth manager’s investment platforms, CRM, or portfolio management system, and delivers consolidated reporting and automated correspondence to clients via branded mobile and desktop apps. Now this automated aggregation service has been extended to include daily balances of active cash accounts on the Insignis cash platform after collaboration with Insignis.

Insignis is the leading provider of active cash management solutions in the UK, offering financial advisers and wealth managers a range of cash solutions, so that clients can benefit from active management of cash deposits by spreading monies across multiple bank accounts. It has seen significant growth as more private clients seek better returns for their cash holdings and currently supports over 500 wealth management businesses in the UK.

Paul Richards, Insignis Chairman comments: “We're great advocates of sharing data to help client firms wherever we can, and the tie-up with moneyinfo shows what can be achieved in a short timeframe when both companies share the same attitude to delivering the best client experience.”

Tessa Lee, managing director of moneyinfo says “This will be a new service for many of our clients, and one that will be valued as it helps them achieve maximum returns for their clients on cash deposits.”

Adam Benskin, CEO of Strabens Hall, a Chartered Financial Planning and Investment Consulting firm with offices in London and Nice, “We have been working with both moneyinfo and Insignis for some time now and the integration just announced is excellent news as it will allow our clients to see their Insignis balances within their moneyinfo login, giving them a more accurate consolidated view of their wealth. We are live with the integration and are now able to link our clients’ Insignis accounts to their moneyinfo portal. Once activated, moneyinfo takes care of the link and manages the service for us, allowing us to focus on giving our clients advice."

About moneyinfo

moneyinfo offer a better client experience to financial advisers, wealth managers and discretionary fund managers through the provision of their branded client portal and branded apps for apple and android. We enable clients to bring together their entire financial life under a single login all in the advisers brand, delivering the client a better experience whilst providing the adviser with a digital service channel to re-engineer their businesses, removing email and post to increase security and efficiency and enable firms to provide advice to more clients more profitably.

sales@moneyinfo.com +44 (0) 3303 600 300.

About Insignis

Insignis offers active management of cash deposits to improve returns on your money. Opening multiple bank accounts to benefit from ever changing rates is too time consuming. With a single Insignis account, you gain access to the whole savings market. Whether you are an individual, company, charity, trust or local authority, we can help.

info@insigniscash.com  +44 (0) 1223 200 674

About Strabens Hall

Strabens Hall Is an independent Chartered Financial Planning and Investment Consultancy firm with offices in London and Nice whose success lies in the approach of providing clear, objective and impartial advice based on individual needs. Working with individuals and businesses alike, the award-winning team of advisers take the time to truly listen to their clients, building lasting relationships and helping them manage their wealth intelligently.

starthere@strabenshall.co.uk    +44 (0)20 7467 4444