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Inviting tech into your team

I was delving in the TED archives and found a gem from late 2018.

The intro to the talk goes like this:

"Imagine your company hires a new employee, best in the business, who's on a multi-million dollar contract."

"Now Imagine that whenever this employee went to meet with her team members, the appointments were ignored or dismissed and in the meetings that did happen she was yelled at or kicked out after a few minutes..

So after a while, she just went quietly back to her desk, sat there with none of her skills being put to use, ignored by most people, and still getting paid millions of dollars.

That million-dollar hotshot employee could be your technology."

In a very thought-provoking TED talk by Nadjia Yousef of the Boston Consulting Group, Nadjia sets out why we should invite our technologies into our team.

Why you should treat the technology you use at work as a colleague´╗┐

Nadjia advocates re-drawing your organisation charts to include the technologies that people in the teams are responsible for managing.

Inviting Tech 1List the employees in their teams as for any normal org-chart and then add to the chart all the technologies that your firm uses.

This highlights two things -

  1. Employees who are managing too much technology.
  2. Technology that is not being managed.

In the example Nadjia uses, the operations director is overloaded with technology and the wizard app purchased for digital marketing is not getting managed at all. If you did this for your organisation there may well be some elements of both issues you can swiftly identify and fix.

This is a useful step 1, but the real benefit comes by bringing the technology completely into your team. Nadjia suggests inviting the tech for coffee in a free form one-hour meeting with each team member to allow them to get to know the technology better. From this, new ideas can spring on how to get more out of your existing tech.

Inviting Tech 2The employee responsible for managing the technology should conduct a regular appraisal of the technology as you would any other employee and report on how well its doing and what can be done to improve performance, sharing the findings with the technology supplier.

Which technologies will you be taking out for coffee?

Like all great ideas, it's simple but effective and we hope we'll be having the conversation with you soon, regarding how well your moneyinfo portal is performing for your firm.

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Sim Sangha is Business Development Director at moneyinfo limited.

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