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Let the forces guide you

At this weeks Personal Finance Society event, stormtroopers, TIE fighters and Jedi’s formed an unlikely alliance with Financial Planners as the Personal Finance Society conference jumped to hyperspace in Bolton[i]

A spokesman for the Personal Finance Society said: “A superb line-up of speakers at this year’s Financial Planning Symposiums will harness a shared understanding of the power of these forces, helping to deliver practical insights for practitioners to help guide them in delivering the best outcomes for their clients.”

Financial planners were given access to a host of influential speakers none more entertaining than Steve Bee, who preceded to take us back to 30,000 BC to give you an insight into what the private sector £2trn pension mountain looks like for the have and have-nots of the UK baby boomers facing retirement soon[ii].

Abbie Knight, of DISCUS gave us a presentation with food for thought on how technology is shaping the adviser of the future. Key to the presentation is to think about the client and what they want and use language they can understand so as not to push people away. Clients want to feel empowered about their money, in control and to avoid costly mistakes through a trusted adviser who can guide them through the ups and downs of investing[iii].

Abbie’s presentation introduced a case study of Murphy Wealth and their new Simply Wealth App and how it can help automate many existing manual processes not least the laborious but important factfind process. Adrian Murphy, of Murphy Wealth comments “Data feeds ensure that we collect correct data at the outset and that we have an accurate indication of client spending and not just a ‘finger in the air’. This is a massive advantage when producing a cash-flow forecast.” That Simply Wealth advantage is moneyinfo.

That Simply Wealth advantage is moneyinfo.

Abbie was followed by Brett Davidson of FP Advance. Brett’s always good value to listen to, but this week he was on great form, helping advisers think about the value proposition given the technology disruption which has swept through many industries already and is unlikely to leave financial services untouched. Financial advice is a great get rich slowly business[iv] and the most interesting point we took away is to think not about the money you’re costing but the value you’re providing to avoid people making costly mistakes in tax, lost investment opportunity and doing the wrong thing or even worse nothing.

For moneyinfo, it was great to see many of our clients and meet lots of positive forward-thinking advisers who are clearly excited about their future.

Next week, the Personal Finance Society Star Wars Symposium is rolling into a galaxy not so far away and is in the Intercontinental O2 Arena in London for two days (Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November 2018).

moneyinfo will be on display at the Portal Bar where we can offer you a preview of the force and how moneyinfo can put your business into light-speed whilst you enjoy an intergalactic cocktail.


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