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London Roadshow 7th June 2017

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Most adviser firms realise they need to give clients access to their investments online. Clients expect access but don’t always value it and it can quickly become just another username and password for them to remember.

If you can get your clients using some form of online portal the benefits to you as a firm are significant. Firstly, there’s the obvious benefit of reduced paper – no need to send reports anymore you simply file them for your clients online and send them a notification to their phone or email to let them know the report is available. Better still for your clients is the ability to communicate securely without sending important financial information via email.

Implementing this type of technology can be daunting. You’ve got to clean up your data in your back office before it can be put online and then there’s the difficulty knowing which supplier to use and worrying about how you will get your clients to use it.

At moneyinfo we make going online easy. We solve all these problems for you and provide an amazing app that makes your clients’ financial lives easier whilst helping you take cost out of your business and promote your brand.

We’re running a short session in London at the Eight Club in Bank on the 7th June where we’ll show you how easy it is to put your business very much at the front of the digital revolution whilst protecting your current investment in technology.

It would be great if you could attend, so if you can spare the time please register at:


If you’re unable to attend but would be interested in finding out more about moneyinfo and how it can revolutionise your business then please contact us and we’ll be happy to organise a one-to-one session for you.