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Newsletter May 24

The May 2024 edition of the moneyinfo newsletter is ready and waiting for you. Fill your boots with the latest exciting updates from across the business here at moneyinfo HQ over the past month.

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MAFTA nominations now OPEN!

User Forum 2024: Registration now open

moneyinfo 13.0 release sneak peek

Making Digital Easy: Full guide

Systems In The City Award nomination

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MAFTA nominations now OPEN! | Back to the top

Special News: New MAFTAs Category!

We're pleased to announce the moneyinfo clients shortlisted in the 2024 MAFTA categories (moneyinfo Awards For Technology Adoption).

We've also created an additional new category this year to give you the opportunity to nominate members of your team who go above and beyond, to give recognition for being key to the successful delivery and adoption of your Client Portal.

In no particular order .... firms shortlisted in this years three MAFTA categories:

🏆 Rising Star Award [shortlist]

   ESJ Financial Planning
   Darsco Wealth
   Blue River
   Cooper Parry Wealth

🏆 Best Adoption Award [shortlist]

   McLaren Capital
   Charles Wade
   Citygate Financial Planning
   TFP Financial Planning
   Sutherland Independent

🏆 Lifetime Achievement Award [shortlist]

   Clifton Asset Management
   The Private Office (TPO)
   Torevell and Partners
   Clarion Wealth

The new category is for '🏆 Best Operator', and nominations are now open. 

If you would like to nominate someone from your business who deserves recognition for their contribution to getting the most out of moneyinfo, please submit their details using this short form.

Winners will be announced live at our annual User Forum in London on Thursday 20th June. If you've been nominated and don't have anyone registered yet to join us to receive an award, limited tickets are still available here .

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moneyinfo client info update

User Forum 2024: Registration now open! | Back to the top

Join us for our annual User Forum on the 20th June at SEI London to learn how your platforms, back-office and portal are working together to power the digital transformation of your business.

From straight-through processing to predictive analytics, AI is not a distant dream but a tangible reality with moneyinfo, ensuring that your firm is not just part of the future but actively shaping it.

Special Insights from Our Experts: AI in Action

Prepare to be inspired by Managing Director Tessa Lee and Product Owner Ryan McCarthy as we showcase how Microsoft Copilot and other AI technologies can transform your client interactions, streamline your operations, and unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and customisation.

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moneyinfo 13.0 release sneak peek | Back to the top

Keep your eyes peeled, we have a brand new release update waiting for you next month. Here are some of the initial new features we have planned for the 13.0 release planned for 26th June.

Client Smart Lists - Facilitate efficient client management with Smart Lists, allowing operators to create, organise, and execute bulk actions on lists of clients based on predefined criteria in the Clients Tab.

Company and Client Tags - Enhance organisation with the ability to create, edit, and delete tags for easier classification and improved search filtering. Tags now integrate with bulk actions like client data export for comprehensive data management.

Bulk Add Clients to Service Group - Streamline client organisation by adding multiple clients to service groups at once via the new 'Add to Service Group' option in the client bulk actions menu.

Add Clients and Operators to Multiple Teams - Improve efficiency in assignment management by adding clients and operators to multiple teams simultaneously through bulk actions.

Dynamic View - Automatically generates related party views, eliminating manual setup. Clients maintain control with the new "Include Dynamic View" checkbox in the Edit Client>Relationship module. Mutual shared navigation ensures related party views for both clients.

Enforce Direct Association - Limit plan visibility for related parties by activating "Enforce Direct Association" in the Edit Client > Relationships section, ensuring plans are only visible if directly associated in Manage Assets.

Client/Operator Association - Within Edit Operator a new checkbox named "Restrict view of Clients" has been added. When activated, operators will only see clients they share team membership with or those directly linked to them. Clients can be linked to operators via the "Edit Client" section.

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Making digital easy: Full guide | Back to the top

In case you missed it

We’re giving our clients early access to our 7-part guide series where we will show you how to use digital technology within your business to transform your everyday business processes enhancing client loyalty, increasing profitability and delivering compliance confidence.

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Systems In The City Award nomination | Back to the top

We're pleased to let you know that for the third year in a row, moneyinfo has been nominated for three categories in the 2024 Systems in the City Awards:

- Best Mobile Experience for Private Clients
- Best Client Online Application
- Best Digital Experience Wealth Management

Your experiences with moneyinfo are invaluable and can help us in recognition of the prestigious SITC awards. If we’ve made a positive impact on how you deliver your services and engage with your clients, you can submit a client endorsement below:

Winners will be announced on Thursday, 20th June, at the Merchant Taylors' Hall. Good luck to everybody attending, and all other firms and individuals who have been shortlisted!

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