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Newsletter September 2021

Welcome to the September edition of the moneyinfo newsletter. Each month you get a summary of news from across our business letting you know what's new in the world of moneyinfo!

This month we take a look at: 

  • AdviserTech LIVE: Standing out in a crowd
  • moneyinfo 10.0 release
  • moneyinfo Manager and Internet Explorer 
  • NEW podcast episode! 
  • 'Back to School' webinar replay
  • moneyinfo Support - The Top 5
  • Latest articles

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AdviserTech LIVE - Save the Date!

AdviserTech LIVE is back in October 2021 focusing on helping you and your business to  stand out in the crowd

Every time you are in front of your clients (whether face to face or through technology) you need to think, does this represent your business as well as you’d like? 

To understand the importance and power of branding, and embrace technology to help reinforce your own brand and values, join us for AdviserTech LIVE #6. We’re inviting a range of speakers from across the technology industry to help you develop and deploy your brand with your clients!

An event not to be missed so REGISTER HERE  for your place now! 

ATL 6 - standing out in a crowd - newsletter

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moneyinfo 10.0 release 

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of moneyinfo 10.0 which brings you a number of exciting new enhancements!  This release has been scheduled for the week of 27 th September and as always, is subject to successful testing. 

MI10.0 includes:

  • A brand new Client Profile view in MIM, designed to bring the important client information onto one page, including their messages, contact details, relationships and other important information.  This profile page will allow operators to perform key actions more efficiently, such as uploading documents or sending messages.
  • A new Workflow progress bar, allowing clients to see how far through a workflow process they are
  • The ability to suppress email notifications generated via a Workflow process, providing flexibility to notify clients on the key messages
  • Integration with Fasttrak for secure document distribution of reports, that incorporates client approvals for rebalance and fund switches using integrated workflows.
  • A display of Book Cost and yield figures for Pulse users
  • XPlan update to include additional information via the data feed including NINO and Preferred Name
  • An enhancement to retain filters when refreshing the messaging page in MIM

Lots of work goes into each release of moneyinfo but as always you are at the heart of this and we thank you for your feedback and ideas for enhancements and new features.  

Full details of all the enhancements will be detailed in the Release Notes and uploaded to the Communications Library after release.

If you have any questions, need help, advice or training on any of the functions within moneyinfo, please get in touch with our Support Team on 03303 600300

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moneyinfo Manager and Internet Explorer 

We are working on some new functionality within our new workflow functionality that will NOT work with Internet Explorer (IE). We will therefore no longer support the use of moneyinfo Manager via IE. 

Please check that your Operators have access to an alternative browser such as Edge or Chrome. 

A lack of support isn't the only thing that should concern you about Internet Explorer – there are plenty of reasons you should think twice before using IE .

If you think this could cause any particular issue, please let us know as soon as possible and if you would like to know how more specifically which users are using IE we can provide these on request.

Please contact the Support Team on 03303 600300 or email: support@moneyinfo.com .

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moneyinfo podcast: AdviserTech Unplugged

Episode 4 of our podcast AdviserTech Unplugged  is LIVE! 

Our monthly podcast is designed to help address the challenges of the 21 st  century adviser. Each month, we invite a special guest to talk to us about current topics affecting their area of expertise in the AdviserTech space.

Episode 4:  The do's and don'ts of changing CRM provider with Chris Baigent-Reed

Podcast Episode 4 - Chris Baigent-Reed

In the next episode of AdviserTech Unplugged, moneyinfo's Lou Wallis speaks to Chris Baigent-Reed, Founder and Director of Jigsaw Tree.

Chris discusses the do's and don'ts of changing CRM providers and the important factors to consider when doing so. 

Listen  here .

If you have any suggestions for future episodes or general feedback, get in touch with us by email at podcasts@moneyinfo.com , or tweet us  @moneyinfotech  .

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'Back to School' webinar replay

Back to School WebinarsClass of '21 leavers! Thank you to those who attended 'Back to School' lessons this month. The attendance was brilliant, and Lou only had to confiscate one mobile phone (it's in her drawer until the end of term!).

Don't worry if you missed out - all of the 12 lessons can be found on the Communications Library on moneyinfo Manager , or you can watch the full set of videos here

We're always here to help you get the most out of your client portal - no question is ever too small!

If you have any suggestions on future webinar topics that you would like to attend, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch:  support@moneyinfo.com

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moneyinfo support - The Top 5

We investigated the most commonly submitted support queries and have listed the top 5 below with some info on how to solve them.

1. DocuSign and Workflow Training

Secure communication, key processes and efficient document delivery is at the forefront of what we deliver.

Webinar : Setting up workflows  

Webinar : Docusign: How to, hints, and tips

If you would like to know any further information or require training on any of the above, please contact our Support Team on 03330 600 300

2. Locked Accounts for Client and Operators

As an operator you can unlock client’s accounts and operators accounts.

To unlock a client account , select Client > Actions > Unlock (this action will only appear if your client is locked out of their account).

To unlock an operators account you must have the Manage Operators roles against your Operator Profile. Go to Organisation Tab > Operator name > Actions > Unlock (this action will only appear if your client is locked out of their account).

3. Incorrect Valuations and Data Feed issues

Incorrect, duplicated, and missing valuations have been raised frequently on the Support Desk. As all Provider Feed functions vary, here is a quick tip on how to get issues resolved swiftly:

When raising a Support Ticket, it is always best to provide us with as much information as possible. The following information will allow us to investigate immediately:

  1.  Client’s full name
  2.  Policy numbers
  3.  Expected value – identify the specific fund with the incorrect value (where possible)
  4.  If relevant, provide screenshots of the source of the valuation or the MIM error
  5.  The date on which the transaction/valuation is incorrect

4. Teams, Service Groups and Security Groups

You can streamline and categorise your clients and operators into Teams, Service Groups and Security Groups.


Here you can group a selection of clients into a Team, please see some examples below:

  1. Specific set of clients who belong to a specific Adviser/s
  2. Specific calibre of clients by Net Worth
  3. Clients associated with various provider feeds.
  4. Any other segregation that applies to your company.

Service Groups

Here you can control what content is delivered on the Portal to your clients. You can put your clients into specific Security Groups **Note clients can only be in one security group, not multiple** You can design the view to match the requirements of each Service Group.

Security Groups

Here you can assign specific roles and permissions to your company staff (Administrators, Adviser, Para-planners etc). This will allow these operators limited or complete and/or bespoke access to moneyinfo Manager.

If you would like further information or help setting up Teams, Service Groups or Security Groups, please contact our Support Team on 03330 600 300

5. Automated Communication Campaigns

Automated Communication is a series of timed E-mails with branded pre-set content sent out at specific times and frequencies. This is the only time we would refer to using e-mails through the portal, these campaigns can be sent to all or specific sets of clients to deliver marketing style communication.

Catch up on our webinar on Automated Communication .

If you have any other suggestions or would like any tips in any other areas, please do let us know:  support@moneyinfo.com 

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Latest News

Here's a summary of our latest news articles which you might find of interest: 

The importance of branding - header

The importance of branding

All businesses benefit from building a trusted brand with their clients and in today’s world this means ensuring your brand is consistent across your digital channels, website, social media, portal and app.

Your brand is on display to your clients whenever your clients touch your organisation. Be it face to face, in communications, newsletters, website or social media. Every time your clients see something from you it reflects on your brand.

Are you doing enough - header

Are you doing enough about cyber security? 

You are paid to advise them and act in their best interest, so consider how it will look when they lose money through a phishing attack masquerading as your firm.

We never think we’ll be the victim of fraud but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you and your clients. Listening to your clients is key to building a relationship but not protecting them when they don’t understand the risks is doing them a disservice and putting your business at risk.

The appy travellerThe 'appy' traveller

Coming out of lockdown is making our lives ever more complicated.
You now need a plethora of documentation to go to festivals, concerts, sports events and for travelling abroad - the paperwork is both complicated and easily lost.
Make life easy for your clients by encouraging them to scan their documents into your app!

The hybrid adviser V4The hybrid adviser 

The hybrid adviser delivers advice to more clients more profitably by using a digital channel to complement their service. According to research conducted by Octopus Investments, three quarters (76%) of advisers expect a hybrid financial advice model will be the future.

Advisers with creativity, empathy, kindness & care can benefit from systems that take away the grunt work and leave them to concentrate on helping their clients achieve financial peace of mind.