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moneyinfo showcased in The Parliamentary Review 2018

moneyinfo showcased in The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is an entirely apolitical publication, as demonstrated by the fact that its two co-chairmen, Lord Blunkett and Lord Pickles, once sat on different sides of the House of Commons and now do so in the Lords. The organisations who write for The Review are - for the most part - apolitical themselves, although some are unapologetically forthright with their views of certain political parties or individuals. This makes for a fascinating series of publications with articles to suit your tastes and challenge your convictions.

moneyinfo, the company behind the smart financial app, was established in 1998 and is based in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. Tessa Lee, managing director, elaborates in The Review on their award-winning fintech app, and how they aim to delivery simplicity and connectivity in everything they do.

The financial services sector has seen its fair share of uncertainty over the past couple of years, but it nonetheless remains stalwart and robust. In this year's edition of The Parliamentary Review, notable firms from within the industry discuss GDPR, new financial legislation and the move towards leaving the European Union.

Co-chairman of The Review Lord Blunkett has already commented on the wide range and informative articles appearing in this year's edition, stating that "The Parliamentary Review is a must for those who have the real story behind the scenes and a solid perspective for the future."


moneyinfo was asked to contribute towards this year’s Parliamentary Review, a series of independent British publications which includes political commentary from journalists, secretaries of state, ministers and MPs to comment on best practice across the financial services sector. It is distributed to business executives and policy makers across the UK.

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister:

“It’s not that politicians aren’t perfectly happy to talk about something of which they know nothing about, but the Review should give them the opportunity to study what is going on in different sectors, to get themselves up to speed, so even if they are not any wiser they are better educated”.

Tessa Lee, MD moneyinfo:

“Being featured in the Parliamentary Review is one of the highlights of 2018 for moneyinfo; offering politicians and UK industry an insight into both our business and the wider financial services sector. Its aim is to help politicians foresee and maximise opportunities for UK businesses to give us a competitive advantage in an uncertain global market.”

Theresa May, Prime Minister commented:

"British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review."



To request a copy of the Parliamentary Review to be sent out in the post, please email oliver.jenkins@moneyinfo.com