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Client Portal Top Ten

The top ten things to check that your portal will do for you and your clients.

When selecting a client portal, it’s important to know what it should deliver.

It’s much more than a way for your clients to check their investments online.

Be armed with the ‘under the bonnet’ questions to ask your potential client portal supplier to ensure you select the right partner.


1) Does the portal supplier deliver branded smartphone apps as standard?  

It’s got to be mobile. There is no point delivering an online portal that isn’t available as an app so your clients can access your service through their smartphone.

This is your proposition to your clients. Make sure they see your brand on any device they are using – Smartphone, tablet & PC.

2) Can clients upload and manage their own paperwork with ease and set privacy controls over specific folders, documents and assets & liabilities?

Increase your clients’ financial peace of mind, with an in case of emergency (ICE) folder to store their wills, trust deeds, insurance contracts that can be found easily.

Let your clients control who can view their information and allow them to share it with trusted third-parties.

3) Can clients link accounts together with their spouse and dependents?

Deliver a family balance sheet allowing families to share information with each other - always subject to privacy control.


4) Does it provide your client with a complete history of all communications?
Add business accounts and property portfolios to see a helicopter view over the entire estate.

Secure messaging should be as easy as WhatsApp but keeping track of all the correspondence – documents, reports, conversations, meeting notes is difficult for your client particularly if some correspondence is on paper, some on email, some on Zoom etc.

Your portal should deliver a complete audit trail of all correspondence so its clear to both your client and compliance what’s been said and when.

5) Can it deliver other content including blogs, newsletters, videos and integrate other useful services such as Calendar Bookings?You should be able to deliver relevant and personalised content to your clients based on their own preferences and let clients book meetings with you via your calendar.


6) How easy is the behind the scenes administration?

You need to be able to easily handle first line queries from your clients for password resets, linking related parties, checking status of data feeds without waiting for responses from your technology provider.

7) How do you monitor usage stats, document views, outstanding signature & approval requests?

Your need to track what’s working and what isn’t to monitor the success of your communications and follow up where needed.

8) Can your portal create a snapshot of a client’s financial data on demand?

A financial snapshot can be stored to support client reviews and be made available for data portability to meet your GDPR obligations.

9) Can you communicate with clients in bulk as well as individually?And if e-signature is important, your portal should support multiple signatures and bulk signature requests through templated requests.  If not, your efficiencies are limited.
You should be able to instigate a communication in a single action and send it to many clients at the touch of a button.


10) Who is responsible for keeping your data up to date?

It’s time consuming and complicated to keep your data updated every day with feeds from platforms and providers. Your portal supplier should do this for you so you can concentrate on delivering your client service not get bogged down with data management.

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In addition, you should carefully consider why a portal from your back-office supplier is not a good idea.

Why a CRM or back office supplier is the wrong choice?

Can you imagine, if you did need to move back-office how difficult it will be, if you have to coordinate the move with both your staff and clients at the same time?

Don’t be fooled, not all portals were created equal.

Make sure you choose a supplier that can deliver a portal and apps to deliver you the best client experience.

Sim Sangha

Business Development Director

moneyinfo limited

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