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Sammedia delivers Saunderson House bespoke private client portal

Sammedia Limited have been engaged as technology partner by wealth management firm Saunderson House Limited for their new client portal service, Saunderson House Online. The service is capable of providing Saunderson House’s clients with online access to their financial information including their investment portfolios, loans and other debts, property assets and insurance contracts.

The client portal service is delivered through the deployment of Sammedia Limited’s Moneyinfo solution, fully tailored to meet the branding, functional and technical requirements of Saunderson House. The service delivers a secure online communication channel to a discerning client base on a range of digital devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Duncan Ross, Chief Operating Officer of Saunderson House, comments

“Providing our clients with the ability to access important information about their financial affairs at a time and a place of their choosing is a fundamental requirement in today’s busy world.

I’m pleased to say the Sammedia team delivered on their promises, helping us to launch a technologically advanced, client-friendly solution that meets our exacting standards.”

Mik Cons, CEO of Sammedia, comments

“We are delighted to have been selected by Saunderson House to power their new client portal. Saunderson House are a highly respected firm who have a very strong reputation built over many years. We knew the company well and we understood clearly that they were not a client to over-promise and under-deliver.

We have an amazingly talented team that have produced a fantastic digital servicing platform for Saunderson House and their clients and we are really pleased with the result. We are now looking forward to working with Saunderson House to help achieve widespread adoption of the portal.

For technology to succeed, it is not just a case of developing an app and expecting clients to immediately change the way they deal with their adviser. It takes time and requires regularly communication to encourage adoption. We know that in a few years’ time, dealing with your adviser online will be as ordinary as online banking and grocery shopping is too many of us today. Taking advice online has begun and clients will expect their adviser to offer them a means to access their services via the web and mobile.”

Source ( Business Wire )

About Sammedia

Sammedia’s vision is to take financial advice online. They work with businesses in personal financial advice and planning, wealth management and workplace.

About Saunderson House

Saunderson House is a leading firm of independent wealth managers based in the City of London providing award-winning financial planning and investment services to c1,800 busy professionals and other high net worth individuals. The firm has held corporate Chartered Financial Planners status since 2008.


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