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It’s time to secure your client communications

The world may be in lockdown but there's one part of the economy that's growing faster than ever … the coronavirus outbreak has seen the quantity of phishing attacks skyrocket over the past three months.

According to security firm Barracuda Networks, 137 coronavirus-related phishing emails were identified in January, 1,188 in February and over 9,000 in March. That equates to a 667 percent increase since the end of February.

Email Phishing attacks rise 667%

According to the article, hackers have set up fake charities allegedly to combat coronavirus even impersonating the World Health Organisation. 

“This is a new low for cyber criminals, who are acting like piranha fish, cowardly attacking people on mass when they are at their most vulnerable,” commented Dean Russell, MP for Watford and member of the Health and Social Care Select Committee.

Awareness training important as Covid-19 phishing scams increase

Most security breaches occur from phishing attacks and your staff are vulnerable, so get them trained using tools such as KnowBe4 so they can recognise the signs. This type of training is more Important than ever now we're all working remotely.

Find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone with this free test:

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It's not enough to think your communications are secure when they leave your service. Many firms rely on secure email to send documents to their clients. Secure email is better than insecure email, but even secure email has a fundamental flaw and that's your clients.

As a client, I receive a secure email from you with my latest valuation, factfind, contract note etc. What do I do? I download a copy for my records, leaving It on my PC and open to attack.

At moneyinfo, we can implement you a secure portal to communicate with your clients and share and sign paperwork. It provides a shared audit trail of all your client communications with nothing stored on your client's devices.

We can have you up and running in days.

We've designed it to be as easy to use as WhatsApp and your clients can communicate with you on their smartphones, tablets and PCs, whatever's convenient to them.

Book a 1-2-1 demo here.

It can speed up onboarding, client reviews and rebalancing from days to minutes leaving you both more secure and efficient.

It's a great message to your clients, that you're open for business and improving your service proposition even in these dark days.

When we come out of the darkness, you'll have a new more efficient business rather than an embarrassing conversation with ICO about why you were sending your client's key financial information over email. 

You have a choice to bury your head in the sand or you can learn to dance in the rain. 

Over the coming weeks, you're likely to have a lot more time on your hands, with staff unable to be as productive as they were. Let us show you how to use this time to improve your business forever.


All It takes is a call … it must be worth that?


Sim Sangha

Business Development Director,

moneyinfo limited

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