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We’ve given the client access to their investments, savings and pensions. They’ve recorded their property details and started to link their important documents to their property. What’s next for your clients to make it into their financial app.

Insurances and Event Tracking.

Having put in details of our property and home insurance, we probably want to record all the other insurances we have taken out. Our car insurance, pet insurance, life assurance and other investments (the one’s we’ve not told our adviser about). We’d like to record our workplace benefits as well, keeping track of all the paperwork. 

The portal can then remind you of key events that are coming up such as when premiums are due, income is receivable, insurances need renewing and policies mature. Clients can add their own events to remind them of key dates such as HMRC payments, MOTs, Road Tax etc.

All this is designed to make your client’s life easier and importantly get them to rely on your client portal.

Financial Peace of Mind.

Take a moment to think about a very real concern, one you probably ask your clients to consider regularly. What would have happened if you had died yesterday?

Can many of us hand on heart say that we have sufficient insurance cover for all eventualities and have put aside enough cash (or have insurance) to cover your estate liabilities.

And more importantly, our partner can easily find the information they will need, finding the will and all the relevant information and associated paperwork easily.

Moneyinfo allows your clients to store copies of all their important documents including their insurance policies, passports and their will, allowing them or their partner to find this information when they need them it. Often in an emergency.

Income and Expenditure.

Here’s the problem: your fact-find asks what do you spend your money on and your clients don’t know the answer.

What if you could put your bank account on the system and it analyse the data about your spending. What about the spending on my credit cards and store cards etc? Your financial app can analyse all this and to do it, simply add your log-in credentials or authorise your bank to deliver the information to moneyinfo, just once and very securely.

The system will then analyse your back accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, store cards etc. and  collate all the transaction data. It will check where your spending your money against all the major retailers and utility companies etc. to provide an overview of your last twelve months’ spending. What’s even more impressive, is that it continues to track your income and expenditure every time you log-in, refreshing the data from all your accounts. 

For your clients, this provides them with a helicopter view of their day-to-day finances. They can monitor spending easily and conveniently via their mobile helping identify any unusual transactions quickly. Another level of financial reassurance.

For you it provides the data for your fact-find whenever you need it, accurately recorded, significantly increasing the value of cash-flow reporting.

Family Balance Sheet.

What about the wife and the kids? Can they have an app to manage their finances too. Yes, they can and you can link them altogether to provide different views.

Importantly, this potentially gives you a link to your next generation of clients, the children of your current clients. Helping them manage their finances now and giving them a relationship to you for the future.

Your app now allows your clients to manage all their financial information in one place. They love it and the peace of mind it provides. It’s in your brand and providing secure communications between you and your client. You’ve achieved the key goal of getting your clients to use your portal.

In my next and final article in this series, I’ll provide a summary of the things we’ve covered so far and the payback for you on implementing a client portal and give you my view of what’s next in adviser tech.

Author: Mik Cons, CEO @ moneyinfo


About moneyinfo limited.

At moneyinfo we work with adviser firms in wealth management and workplace to develop a complete digital client relationship. We provide clients secure access to their entire financial life including their investments, pensions, savings, property, insurances, banking, credit cards and mortgages with full control over the privacy of their personal data.

To find out more book a 1-2-1 meeting, or call us on 03303 600 300. We’d love to hear from you.

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