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Take the headache out of digital

At some point you’re going to need to offer your clients access to view their investments online.
Your clients expect it and will start to question the service you give if they can’t see what their investments are worth whenever they want to know.
You may even have done this by giving clients access to a platform such as Parmenion, Transact, Nucleus, Cofunds, Fidelity, 7IM etc.
Your clients are naturally underwhelmed. Not least because they can only see some of the investments you manage on their behalf and this is just another username and password for them to forget.
Some firms have looked to their back-office suppliers to put them online. Iress, Adviser Office, Intelliflo, time4advice etc. All offer client portals making the data in your back office available for your clients to see online.
This is a scary thought for most firms. You know your back-office data is rarely up-to-date with the latest valuations. It probably has up to date fund prices but how many of the unit holdings for the regular premium plans are up to date?

Most back-office suppliers offer contract enquiry and bulk data download facilities so you can keep your data updated if you can work out how to do it and have the discipline to run all the services regularly and deal with the issues that arise.
When we talk to many adviser firms, they want to get online and offer their clients a branded app to access their information online but they believe the first step on their digital journey is to change their back-office supplier.
They’re moving from Adviser Office to Intelliflo or Intelliflo to time4advice etc. and once they get all their data transferred and cleaned up they’ll be ready to offer their clients online access.
This is one way to go … but our experience has taught us that if you’ve got inconsistent data in your current back-office, chances are you’ll spend 12 months migrating to a new back-office system and before long your data will be inconsistent again.

At moneyinfo, we take away the stress of putting your client data online.
We take the data from your back-office system and overlay it with fresh, clean and up to date data from your platforms and providers. What’s more we then continue to refresh the data every day for you.
We deal with any problems for you. Meaning you can relax knowing your clients have the most up to date data it’s possible to provide them.
But we don’t stop there. We then allow your clients to put all their own stuff on moneyinfo. They can enter their bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, property, stock-trading accounts, investments and pensions and we update these for them too. Making their financial life easier, which is why they use a financial adviser.
You give them an app to access all their finances in one place, beautifully bought together under your brand.
Take the headache out of digital with moneyinfo.

It costs a lot less than you expect and we bet you’ll save money on your investment in our tech within the first twelve months, not least by cutting paper-based reporting out completely.

About moneyinfo limited.

At moneyinfo we work with adviser firms in wealth management and workplace to develop a complete digital client relationship. We provide clients secure access to their entire financial life including their investments, pensions, savings, property, insurances, banking, credit cards and mortgages with full control over the privacy of their personal data.

To find out more book a 1-2-1 meeting, or call us on 03303 600 300. We’d love to hear from you.