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The 'appy' traveller

Coming out of Covid is making our lives ever more complicated.

Rather than returning to life as normal, ‘Opening Up’ has led to a huge increase in regulations and associated documentation. Covid passports, test results, red-amber-green lists, locator forms, isolation rules, covid hotels, social distancing guidelines, amber+ lists? The regulations get harder to follow with each easing of restrictions the government permits.

As well as remembering your facemask you now need a plethora of documentation to go to a festival, concert or sports event and thinking of travelling abroad or coming back into the UK, the paperwork is both complicated and easy to lose.

Proof of vaccination status, PCR test results, and a photo ID such as a passport or driving licence all are now asked for wherever you go, so it’s good to have these with you at all times just in case you need them.

Make life easy for your clients by encouraging them to scan their documents into your app.

They can create a travel folder and add a copy of all the documentation they will need such as their NHS Covid Pass , the UK passenger location form , copy of a recent pre-departure negative covid test and confirmation of booking of post arrival tests (day 2/day 8/day 5) dependent on their vaccination status.

Add to their peace of mind by getting all the info they need in one place, through your app. They can add a copy of their flights details, booking and boarding pass, a copy of their passport and they have everything they need in one place, easily accessible on their phone, to ensure hassle free access to entertainment or travel.

Tom Skinner of Barnaby Cecil is a convert. He was stopped recently and asked for 'proof of vaccination' whilst entering a festival.

" No problem" , he said. "It's already scanned into The @BarnabyCecilFP App. "

Clever Tom.

Read Tom’s tweet .

And its not just for Travel & Entertainment, your app adds to your client’s financial peace of mind by enabling them to organise all their financial paperwork and make it accessible to them and their dependents, whenever its needed.

Planning for the worst

Planning for the worst

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For more information on how you can help your clients to be ‘appy’ travellers, speak to us at moneyinfo or click here to book a demonstration.