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Top five ways a client portal helps keep your business safe

People often focus on the wrong areas when looking at client portals. There are numerous benefits to using them but in this article we’ll be focussing on data security and look at the top 5 ways in which a client portal can help keep your business safe:


  1. Secure, encrypted client communications - The messaging facility within a client portal can eliminate the need to use email within your business. Email has never been a secure method of communication with clients and the only way to ensure safety is to remove that part of the process.
  2. Document storage – Giving clients a way to store their documents in a secure manner, enables them to remove the need to store documents in their homes. This not only removes the risk of the documents falling into the wrong hands but also gives client access to those documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Data quality – Outsourcing the aggregation of data to a client portal provider eliminates the need for you to update your own systems. This ensures the data which is made available to your clients is as up to date as possible.
  4. Data access – Giving your clients access to a client portal enables them to access their managed portfolio as well as a number of other features, wherever, and whenever it suits them.
  5. Data security & privacy controls – With moneyinfo, the client gets to choose who they share their information with and when. This puts the client in the driving seat.


The moneyinfo client portal technology integrates with all major platforms, providers and back office systems.  Contact us for a personal demonstration on how we can help to protect your business and your clients. 

Rikki Renshaw                                              

Business Development Consultant

moneyinfo limited

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At moneyinfo we work with adviser firms in wealth management and workplace to develop a complete digital client relationship. We provide clients secure access to their entire financial life including their investments, pensions, savings, property, insurances, banking, credit cards and mortgages with full control over the privacy of their personal data.

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