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Effective client engagement

Our working practises have changed, our clients’ behaviours have changed and using digital tools to work remotely with each other is the new normal.

It has never been more important to be effective in your client communications.

Those firms that are embracing digital technology are benefiting from better data security, massive operational efficiency gains and making their businesses stronger for the long-term.

In a webinar with Goodacre CEO Stephen Pinner & Tessa Lee, managing director of moneyinfo, we provide practical examples to show how wealth management firms are making best use of new technologies to provide a better client experience.

Highlights include:

  1. Your client’s key concerns (7m 40s).
  2. The challenges for firms (11m 34s).
  3. Stop emailing and communicate (13m 12s).
  4. The Zoom Boom (19m 57s).
  5. e-Signatures – the end of the road for post (24m 22s).
  6. Fully automate your reporting (32m 53s).
  7. Self-isolate from your portfolio - Equilibrium client story (36m 00s).
  8. Q&A (42m 56s).

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