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Five reasons to launch your app to ALL your clients

To get the most out of your investment in digital technology you should aim to get all your clients using your app.

And here’s five reasons why:

1) Better than special delivery.

Whatever you’ve produced that needs to get to clients, your branded app is the best way to deliver it. It’s instantaneous and secure and your client can respond on any device they’re using – their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Nothing gets lost in spam or lost in the post and all correspondence is stored conveniently for your client making their lives easier.

2) Security

Your client data must be secure.  Having some clients and staff messaging through your app and some still using email makes it all too easy to slip back into bad habits if the old way of doing things is still an option. There’s no excuse for emailing documents to clients and post should be a last resort when you absolutely have to get a wet signature on a document.

3) Collaboration

When your clients, your staff, trustees and professional connections all have access to secure messaging and document sharing, you can be reassured that all your communications are secure and audited and it allows you to collaborate easily on any work that needs to be shared on any device you are using.

4) Process Efficiency

Having only some of your clients and advisers engaged means you will have to operate different process for the same work for different clients.  This makes training new staff difficult and adds plenty of scope for error.  Processes that take days and weeks can often be completed in minutes by delivering all your paperwork through your app.

5) ESG Appeal

Removing the cost of paper, printing and postage is not negligible either on your purse or on the planet. Your clients will appreciate their data is secure, their paperwork organised and accessible and feel better that they are helping save the planet.

Launching your app should be a moment to celebrate with your clients.

It shows you are taking care of their data and their planet. Be bold and deliver them an app that they want to use and in the brand that they trust (yours).

Please call us on 03303 600 300 or click here to arrange a personal demonstration and make 2021 the year that you go paperless and secure.