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Great Product.

At moneyinfo we believe we have a great product which is easy to use and drives incredible benefits to adviser firms looking to make their business more efficient, and put their brand on their clients’ home screen as their go-to financial app.

Incredible team.

What’s more we’ve got an incredibly talented team of people who’s goal is to make our clients more efficient and help them deliver advice to more clients, more profitably.

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What our client’s think…

We get brilliant feedback from our clients: 

“Having used moneyinfo for a year now, I have found it easy to update and make changes as we get used to this brilliant client portal. Along with knowing the moneyinfo team are always available to help me out if I get stuck or have any questions.”

Cheryl Frazer,  Ovation Finance .

Don’t take our word for it…read some of our client stories here .

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Technology can be challenging.

We understand that just because we think our products are super-intuitive our clients often find technology challenging. Rolling out technology internally within your business is challenging enough but now you need to get your clients engaged with your portal. That’s how you’re going to reap the efficiency benefits of being able to share and sign documents electronically, securing your communications and getting your app onto your client’s phones and used regularly.

At your disposal.

That’s why our support desk and adoption teams are at your disposal. We encourage our clients to call us to chat. Even if you email us, we’ll call you back and we’ll put the video link on whenever we can, so you can put a face to a name and we can show you how things work, holding your hand through whatever process you’re needing to get done.

Growing your ambitions.

We run regular webinars, showing our clients how to do things through their portal they often hadn’t thought possible. All our webinars are recorded and available for our clients to download and watch whenever it’s convenient to them.

“When I first saw our app on my iPhone screen, I was really excited and as we learned what the portal could do, our ambitions grew. We got the software for valuations but very quickly realised that it could help us with a lot of business processes.”

Alan Flack, Town Close Financial Planning .

Personal training.

And if you need more in-depth training, we’ll book you a session with one of our technology experts to walk you through any area of the system.

And training for our clients is always free .

We’re extending that help to you.

If you’ve got a technical challenge in your business and you think we could help. Just pick up the phone and talk to us. We may not be able to solve every problem but we’re pretty experienced with most adviser technology problems and if we can help, we will and if we can’t we’ll try and point you in the right direction.

“In moneyinfo we have found a provider that matches our philosophy and values. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Tom Skinner, Barnaby Cecil .

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We believe in paying it forward, a little help when you need it goes a long way in building a relationship for the future.

The number to call is 03303 600 300 .

To book a demonstration please visit here.