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moneyinfo teams up with Seccl to launch client onboarding integration

moneyinfo, the leading client portal supplier for advisers and wealth managers, is developing a sophisticated client onboarding integration with Seccl, the Octopus-owned embedded investment platform.

Launching early next year, the integration is designed to provide advisers with a market-leading level of onboarding efficiency, while delivering clients a streamlined and intuitive experience that’s accessible on any device and under their advisers’ brand.

In particular, by making use of Seccl’s comprehensive API capability, it will allow firms to gather clients’ acceptance of suitability, as well as their acceptance of platform and wrapper T&Cs, all in one go – potentially saving weeks of back and forth and delay.

Once accepted, the integration will also allow moneyinfo to automate the creation of the client accounts and associated products and wrappers on Seccl-powered platforms; a key step to reducing the burden of double-keying for advisers and admin staff.

Throughout the process, the integration will connect to moneyinfo’s customisable workflows – allowing advisers and clients to be notified of completed steps via its adviser desktop and mobile app.

Seccl helps forward-thinking financial planners, wealth managers and investment platforms to reimagine their business and client experience – by reimagining their technology. While it develops its own in-house professional and client portals, it also connects agnostically to a growing number of tools to provide firms with greater flexibility and choice in developing their ideal service proposition.

Seccl chief executive David Ferguson said:

“moneyinfo is a terrific business that is justifiably well-loved by a range of firms, big and small. This new integration will allow the growing number of shared moneyinfo and Seccl clients to benefit from a lightning-fast and convenient connection between two of their key systems.

It’s a great example of the kind of thing that can be built quickly and easily thanks to modern, API-first tech stacks.”

moneyinfo Managing Director Tessa Lee added:

“Platforms that only provide valuations into a firm’s practice management system or client portal are no longer differentiated.

Seccl has been proactive in seeking to address the inefficiencies in the onboarding process, to save time for advisers and create a more engaging experience for investors.

We think we’ll see client-facing processes continue to shift out of the back office where traditional CRM processes have relied on email and post – and into slick and integrated front-ends; integrations like this are a key driver of that positive change.

An increasing number of clients are digitally engaged and expect their adviser to make their life as easy as possible. By facilitating the free flow of data from investor to adviser and platform, we can secure information and paperwork, remove re-keying and make onboarding efficient and engaging.

This will result in investments hitting the platform more quickly and a reduction in time and cost spent on onboarding clients.”

Our team up with Seccl made the news. We were featured in:

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We’re here to help you get the best from technology to build a better client experience. 

If you’d like to find out more, please click here to organise a demonstration and find out many more ways how moneyinfo can help you get the best out of technology.

Seccl is the Octopus-owned embedded investment platform that's helping more people to invest - and invest well.

Our sector is being held back by old tech, dismal processes and misaligned interests. Together they create pointless complexity for financial planning and investment professionals, and provide outdated, overpriced experiences for customers. We're on a mission to fix it.

We help forward-thinking financial planners, wealth managers and investment platforms to reimagine their business and client experience - empowering them to build better, more sustainable and more valuable operations, and meet the digital demands of the future, not the baseline expectations of the past.

And we do it by reimagining their technology - with a low-cost, hyper-efficient and (genuinely) API-first technology infrastructure that handles millions of requests every day, and powers the portfolios of nearly 150,000 investors.

A regulated custodian and ISA/SIPP provider, we combine the disruptive mindset and ambitious mission to shake things up, with the commitment and substance to not screw them up.

We’re proud to be part of Octopus, the £12.5 billion group that's on a mission to breathe new life into broken industries, through companies like Octopus Energy, Octopus Investments and Octopus Money.

About moneyinfo

moneyinfo is a privately-owned award-winning client portal and mobile app developer, supporting 200 ambitious, forward-thinking advisory and wealth management firms with leading edge digital relationship management tools. These firms recognise that operational efficiencies can be gained by bringing the client more into the process and allowing them to disclose information securely or complete key actions with speed, ease and confidence.

For regulated advice businesses who have an appetite to move with the times, moneyinfo helps launch their own fully branded client app that delivers 4 times higher engagement than desktop portals, compliance confidence, customer loyalty and improved profitability.

Through its end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp style messaging, the platform enables the sharing and signing or approval of paperwork and supports automated workflows that can reduce the speed of onboarding, client reviews and rebalancing from days to minutes resulting in increased security and efficiency. Its highly connected platform complements existing CRMs and investment platforms.

We're on a mission to make the wealth management community be the best it can be, by taking client engagement to the next level, one ambitious firm at a time. Game-changing client engagement at www.moneyinfo.com.

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