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100,000 clients and what we’ve learnt along the way …

moneyinfo are delighted to announce that we recently reached the milestone of our 100,000th client on the portal, continuing on our journey to service ambitious, forward-thinking, client-centric advisory and wealth management firms, with an appetite to move with the times.

We’ve had to box clever to compete with the big boys in Fintech and servicing 100,000 clients has taught us many lessons. We thought we might share some of them with you.

Size is not important, it’s what you do that counts.

To some firms, the size of our company could be perceived as a risk, but to other firms selecting the right tech partner to focus on delivery and shorter time scales, our agile approach can result in reduced risk for their entire project.

Delivering exceptional client service means picking up the phone.

We encourage our clients to call and if they email us, we pick up the phone to chat through what they’ve asked. We have found this dramatically speeds up getting to the right answer and, in these days of companies making it harder and harder to speak with an individual, quite often comes as a big surprise to our clients.

Progress is better than perfect.

Developing software is not an end game it’s a journey. It’s never finished and it’s never 100% error free. Getting it right, so it works in the real world rather than just in the demo can take a couple of iterations. And so, we’re agile and able to launch innovative new features to our steering groups really quickly. This in turn allows us to gather real time feedback which helps us to deliver new benefits to market faster.

Keep the focus.

We’re not a jack of all trades. We provide the best digital client experience through our branded apps which takes cost out of servicing clients and ensures data security and compliance confidence. It’s game changing because we have developed the app to focus on how the client journey works in the real-world and make sure the app supports the adviser and the client to make the journey as painless as possible. We don’t deliver you every piece of software your business needs, just the most important bit – the one your client sees.

It starts with the client.

Having a client portal with secure messaging, document sharing, workflow and digital factfind allows you to re-engineer your business taking advantage of a digital servicing channel. It can save you ££££s and make processes 10-100x faster. However, it only works if you can get your clients to use it, which means it has to deliver them value. That’s why we develop from the client’s perspective. Asking always what it’s going to do for them that will make them want to use it.

Driving Adoption.

The greatest barrier to adoption is not normally the client but their adviser. We work with firms to ensure their advisers are bought in early into the process, configuring the system so its familiar to them and their clients and supporting them with training, consultancy and adoption support. We provide branded brochures, videos and content and an app so that advisers can communicate with their clients as easily as WhatsApp and access valuations, client contact details and latest communications on the go.

It's a marathon not a sprint.

We’ve just reached the milestone of 100,000 clients but this is only a stepping stone on the way to 250,000, 500,000 and then 1,000,000 clients. We are thriving because we are playing the long game and concentrating our effort and resources to deliver a consistently high-quality service and product.

If you’d like a better digital relationship with your clients, why not pick up the phone and give us a call, the number is 03303 600 300.