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Sammedia to give DFMs D2C platform capability

Sammedia is developing technology to enable discretionary fund managers to offer white labelled direct-to-consumer platforms through its Moneyinfo proposition.

Moneyinfo was first launched in April 2010 to enable clients to view their investments online. Clients can input their income and expenditure details to assess how much they can afford to invest and the suitability of different investments.

Sammedia says the additional platform technology will enable DFMs to offer different model portfolios and risk levels to clients, who will be able to buy and sell investments through the platform.

Sammedia says it is aiming to launch the technology later this year.

Business development director Sim Sangha says:

“We have the building blocks in place and we are looking to put together a specific investor journey so we can help DFMs build these solutions. We want to enable clients to link their circumstances to a specific level of risk which will see them allocated appropriate portfolios.”

The Platforum managing director Holly Mackay says:

“As fee transparency grows, there is a real need to be able to justify these fees. This kind of offering can help investment managers evidence what they charge and show clients what they are doing for them.”

Jacksons Wealth Management managing director Pete Matthew says:

“I would be concerned about online risk profiling which may not be as effective as an adviser carrying it out in depth.”

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