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moneyinfo launches smartphone app for advisers

Fintech moneyinfo has launched a smartphone app which gives advisers access to back office tools and allows them to communicate with clients via their smartphones.

The adviser client portal company says the app gives advisers access to moneyinfo tools from a smartphone and builds on its existing apps for advisers’ clients.

Via the app advisers will be able to view client information, access portfolios and daily valuations, keep track of correspondence and securely send and receive messages to and from clients.

The app also allows advisers to communicate with team members and third parties such as professional connections, other advisers and DFMs.

The system keeps a record of communications and allows templated messages to be created which can be populated with client information and amended or personalised.

Tessa Lee, managing director of moneyinfo, said: “A key part of an adviser’s role is to communicate with clients but before this the only way this could be achieved was to log-in to the firm's back-office system to send a message. Little wonder lots of advisers revert to email when they are on the move as attempting to use a firm’s back office system on a mobile is in most cases impossible.

“The new moneyinfo manager app provides an easy way of doing things on the devices we all use every day and means advisers now have the same convenience their clients are used to. We’ve kept it simple and restricted it to the tools that advisers really need.”

“Until now it has often been back office staff using technology, rather than advisers themselves, but we think this app could cause a shift in this, encouraging advisers to adopt technology more.”

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