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Is your tech holding you back?

Your client portal is the heart of your business.

It’s not an afterthought or an add-on to your back-office system. It’s the key driver of change in repurposing your business for the 21st Century. It’s at the heart of your face-to-face advice proposition, removing paperwork and making the whole client experience from onboarding to ongoing reviews as slick as the experience your clients expect and that they get from the other apps that they use.

Your portal is not just for your clients.

Your portal can allow everyone in your business to see what’s happening with your clients and their data. Up to date valuations, the latest conversation, reports and recommendations can all be seen through the portal.

It must be mobile and accessible to everyone.

It goes without saying, that to succeed your portal needs to be accessible as an app on all the devices your clients use. But it also needs to be an app for your staff to access the information they need to support your clients and be available for them to access on the devices that are most convenient for them and the way they work, which means access on their  smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Kickstarting a cultural revolution.

“Organisations that embark on a digital transformation often kick-start a cultural revolution too. When drafting up the roadmap for digital innovation, organisational management needs to bring the business’s most valuable asset – its team members – with them. Implementing software solutions is not enough to drive this revolution alone, everyone involved needs to be taken on a journey.”

David Gorgan, a business innovation analyst at Progeny, explains how digital transformation can provide wealth managers with a 360-degree view of their business and how this data can then be used to drive automation and process efficiency.

He concludes, “Centralised digital platforms will play a key role in helping wealth firms accelerate their transformation journey, giving financial planners access to new and compelling data and streamlining day-to-day processes to enhance customer satisfaction and adapt to the coming generation of new digital investors.”

Read the full article in Money Marketing:

Why your investment tech is holding you back.

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