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e-signatures – time for action

Lockdown has highlighted the need to use electronic signatures. The delay, cost and inconvenience of requiring a wet signature is getting in the way of doing business.

Money Marketing are running a poll on this subject to put pressure on platforms and providers to accept e-signatures.

Respond to the poll: Should providers be forced to accept e-signatures?

The FCA have confirmed in a statement on the 20th April that they will accept e-signatures on all interactions with the FCA, there can be little excuse for providers and platforms not to accept their use.

Blog post: e-signatures – it’s about time

I would encourage all advisers to vote in the poll.

This will help make providers aware of the need to adopt e-signatures to make our industry more efficient.

“We’ve had a 35% reduction in office expenditure thanks to moving from paper and email to secure digital communication through bfp moneyinfo.”

Nigel Bromwich, Managing Director of Bromwich Financial Planning Limited.

Reaping the Benefits of Digital

There has never been a better time or more compelling argument for e-signatures than lockdown.

As an industry we should take this opportunity to make a change for the better.

Sim Sangha

Business Development Director

moneyinfo limited

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