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Did you buy the wrong Client Portal?

We understand it is an easy decision to opt for the low-cost or even free client portal offered by your CRM provider.

You knew you needed a client portal for secure communications, you just didn’t know which one, and if clients would value it.

So a choice was made and it seemed like less risk to pick the one that required the least investment.

But it didn’t work out, because it was clunky to use.

Clients haven’t engaged and your staff resent opening it up to send communications and check for messages. Your advisers don’t even bother checking messages.

Email just seems to be the easier option.

You are no more profitable than before, you have spent more time trying to get it to work and you feel you are on your own. What’s the point if clients are underwhelmed?

A successful client portal deployment needs to have both the right technology and support behind it. With moneyinfo you get:

  • A dedicated implementation manager and timeline plan to maximize value in the quickest possible timeframe. This ensures you get the benefits of cost reduction and increased efficiencies, soon after onboarding.
  • A personalised project plan and post-implementation review to ensure all of your key requirements have been met.
  • Ongoing account management and training to ensure moneyinfo is embedded in your business and cost savings and efficiencies are maximised and you continue to benefit from the ongoing development roadmap.
  • Communications Library. A pool of resources to help you implement additional features for your portal including video tutorials and template communications.
  • Regular client meet-ups. A chance to meet with other users so you can share ideas and influence our development roadmap.

This degree of collaboration helps our clients achieve efficiency and effectiveness gains and significantly higher engagement with your staff, clients and prospects.

A quick checklist to decide if you are using the right client portal:

  • Is your app easy to find under your trusted brand on the appstores so clients can access your service on the device they want to use?
  • Does your portal display information personalised to the way you report to your clients or is it a one size fits all?
  • Can clients and staff communicate as easily and securely as WhatsApp, with templates messages to ensure the consistency of your message and does it provide a full audit trail of all correspondence ?
  • Can you set up a team structure so multiple participants can monitor client messages?
  • Are valuations in your portal reliant on your back-office system or can it go directly to the platforms to reduce your data maintenance overhead?
  • Can your advisers access key information on the move on their mobiles without having to log into your back-office system?

If your portal cannot provide these essential features, you will struggle to get adoption from either your clients or staff. It’s fair to say that you are working with the wrong client portal.

Find out more on our Key Feature pages.

To learn how moneyinfo helps you achieve enhanced client loyalty, improved profitability, compliance confidence and is future ready with proven client adoption, book a demo here.


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